About last night

Last night I met up with bestie Trixie and together we walked out to my favorite spot at Djurgården for a swim. After a long day at work it was nice to get out and enjoy the warm evening.

Having seen a shark-movie the night before with Johan didn’t exactly help on my fear of dark water though, but I managed to jump in 3 times! Afterwards we sat there in the evening sun, catching up!

Looking for them sharks, haha!

Happiness right there 

What better way to catch up with a friend than with your feets in the water and sun drying you up

Hoping to do this a few more times before my vacation FINALLY starts next Thursday! I am headed off to my dads summerhouse in Norway and really can’t wait!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia  

Buckwheat pancakes kinda brunch

Like I mentioned in my last post; the weekend was packed with tons of yummy food, and one of our stops was Greasy Spoon for brunch! Since I was the only vegetarian in the group we headed there so they could have some bacon and I my favorite pancakes! Nothing like a little freshly pressed orange juice and a stack of buckwheat pancakes on a hot summer day!

I am truly a sucker for breakfast and brunch! Would choose that over dinner anytime! What about you? And ever tried Greasy Spoon before?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 


I think I had the most social weekend in a long time! My little sister was visiting, together with her boyfriend, so some shopping, swimming, lots of yummy food and a little wine was on the menu, and on Friday we tested to play boule at a boulebar at Kungsholmen, which was super fun! Have passed that place so many times, but never tried it, was about time!

Johan, Jonathan and my baby sis Oda

Jonathan in it to win it

Some refreshments

Little sis and I

Haha, very focused! 

Johan and I didn’t win, but the cute couple you see below did, and made sure to remind us of it the rest of the weekend, haha!

Afterwards we went to Norr Mälarstrand for dinner at Orangeriet, before walking home to the prettiest view of the city. Stockholm is pretty damn beautiful at night, so I managed to make Johan join me for a picture (see it and believe it)!

It has been a very nice weekend, but now both me and my wallet need some rest, hihi!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Living in the moment

Good morning world! Just woke up after yet another night without much sleep due to it being so hot, but I actually don’t mind it that much. I love summer, the sun and warm days, so a little warm nights are ok too.

This weekend we simply enjoyed the nice weather. Stockholm is seriously tropical these days and I love it! On Saturday we took our bikes and headed on a little adventure out to Lidingö, spending the day on the beach (with the rest of Stockholm apparently) and eating lunch at Elfviks Gård afterwards (a beautiful farm a little further out)!

We spent the whole day outdoors and as it turned out we had actually biked 30km in total, in 30degrees, so we were both very tired when we got home!

Beach read: Pure Personal Power by Helena Önneby

This was seriously delicious!

Elfviks Gård on Lidingö 

When I am with Johan I don’t take many pictures, seeing as he hates taking pictures even more than being taken picture off. Imagine a big sigh every time my camera comes out, hihi! I hate it, but it also forces me to live a little in the moment, which is a good thing (I guess?)!

Now I am off to meet Marie and Charlotte for a delicious, vegan, yummylicious breakfast at Mahalo! And I am totally bringing my camera for that. Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

My new ride

Thanks to my kind grandmother I now got the coolest ride in town! She gifted me my dream bike as a early birthday 30th birthday present and I am in love. Biking EVERYWHERE these days!

A little materialistic happiness right there with my red beauty from Stålhästen

Just missing some flowers in that basket

It took some getting used to! 

I actually found this beauty online, but I bought it in their store at Sankt Eriksgatan. I had fallen completely in love with the red one, but when I came to the store I saw another one in a beautiful green color and it ended up taking me 45 minutes, 8 phone calls and around 5 texts to decide what I knew all along: I will forever be a lady in red! Talk about decision anxiety! The guy in the store couldn’t help but laugh at me (or with me), because I realised how weird it looked that I spent 45 minutes staring at two different bikes, haha!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Power walk duo

Spending so much time indoors as I do (at work), a big dose of daily fresh air is pretty essential for my wellbeing. So when when people say yes to a long walk after work I get very happy! Because there is little in this world that can’t  be fixed with a little movement and sunshine.

Walking outside in the fresh air is better than trudging round inside your brain!

Yesterday, Charlotte joined me for my usual round on Djurgården/Gärdet and she was the cutest; We saw different kinds of animals and birds on our way and it was like we were on a little safari, hihi!

Good company! 

Love living next to Djurgården, having the possibility to be in nature in just a few minutes. Especially in this summer heat, even though I feel sorry for the poor grass. Looks like it is about to burn up! But I never get tired of the view!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia