Productive days

Being super productive these days and I can´t stop loving the flow I am in. Sometimes things (read I) simply work out exactly the way I want them too.

Yesterday we held our regular City Spa Yoga and this time we had new mats from Yogish Collective so it was a real rainbow party! I  L.O.V.E the combination of pink, yellow, purple, blue and green! I can´t state this enough people: colors are life. In addition the class was sold out, which makes me so damn proud. So worth getting up at 05:00 for every week.

Sorry for the bad quality (mobil picture)

After the class the Spa Manager rewarded me and the instructor with a hotel breakfast. Seriously, I screamed of joy. Super hungry and so keen on a pain au chocolate, I gladly went downstairs to the buffet.

After the breakfast I had a meeting and checked off some things on my to-do list (or to-be list as I like to call it), before heading of to my part time job.

So much happening in 2018 and I am so looking forward to it all! But first, a little Easter break (in Stockholm this year) . What are your plans for Easter? Anything fun on the menu?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Turn your face towards the sun

What better way to start a Sunday than with a breakfast date in the city? Exactly what we did and it was delicious. We´re talking pancakes, fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, toast, peanut butter and the list goes on. Do I need say more?

Afterwards we walked home in the sun and it was so nice that I kept walking for another hour on my own. Podcast on my ear, sun in my face and fresh air clearing my head. It most certainly fills you with joy. When I got home I got some work done, before heading out again, this time with Johan sitting at a park bench, simply letting the sun warm our faces. Have I mentioned how happy the sun makes me?

Turn your face towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you

Now I desperately need to answer some long awaited e-mails and get ready for the upcoming week. I am kicking it off with a early workout at Studio Levels with The Workout Plan tomorrow morning. I will actually attend her classes every Monday and Friday morning from now one. Other than that tons of work is on the plan, City Spa Yoga on Tuesday and before you know it is suddenly easter. Do you have any fun plans for the upcoming days?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Double date on IKEA

It has been forever since Johan I did any remodelling at home, since the original plan was to move. But not having a full time job (on paper)  makes i hard for me to lend money from the bank, so that will have to wait a while longer. So a convinced Johan to do some tiny remodelling instead (tiny, due to me being broke, haha).

Decorating our department has been a constant war, since he likes simplicity and black/white/grey colors and my dream is to have a pink bedroom, lights hanging everywhere and tons of colors and plants. But we meet half way (ooooor at least almost half way) and decided to buy plants and new art for our living room wall. And what better than to head out to IKEA when you need cheap, but pretty plants?  So we called our friends Trixie and Frode and made a little double date out of it.

Trixie was as excited as me to be there! Who doesn’t love IKEA; seriously? So much fun! 

I went a little crazy at the children’s department! I got to pick one though! 

Best part of IKEA! Pretty and cheap plants

The little pink pig got to go home with us and I named him Piggi Joe

Trixie, a true friend who has excepted that I take pictures all the time and simply smiles

After IKEA we got invited for dinner, but since my belly was still being all crazy from a food poisoning that made me sleep in the bathroom all Friday night, we decided to do lunch instead and stopped for some super yummy sushi on our way home. Delicious!

We are still waiting for our new art and also some new curtains, but when it is all ready I will show you! But the plants seriously make me smile every time I walk into the room, haha!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


Eating green is something I am very passionate about, mostly because I want my body to be healthy and happy, but also because I want to do what I can when it comes to saving animals from being slaughtered and our planet being polluted.

You can truly revolutionize your health with the power of green foods, so it is a big part of my diet. That being said; I also eat tons of chocolate, drink coke zero, love my cookies and let’s not forget my beloved ketchup (could eat that to everything). I am no health guru, but I am trying to eat as clean and green as I can. But I hate cooking and I often lack inspiration, so I love initiatives like Alexandra Öhlunds campaign in social media: #Ettgrönaresättattäta.

#Ettgrönaresättattäta has been rolling on Instagram and Facebook for about 6 weeks, where the purpose has been to inspire people to a more environmentally friendly and greener lifestyle. And last week I was invited to her event at Happy Food Store in Stockholm, where Alexandra talked about her campaign and we also got to listen to some of her followers experience so far.

Photo cred: Johan Öhrlund

Photo cred: Johan Öhrlund

We were served some yummy treats from Green Street Café and also got a discount code in the store. I of course immediately ran to the chocolate department, picking out all the good stuff I could find (discount people, just sayin), before taking a look at the rest of the store. One girl, who I have been following on Instagram for a while came up behind me while I was roaming the chocolate aile and said: “no suprise I would find you here”. Haha, guilty as charged!

Nevertheless, I can warmly recommend you to join Alexandras Facebook group and also buy her E-book! There are so many delicious, simple and best of all, vegan, recipes in there which might inspire you to go green too!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Girl Power shoot for Spurtee

Yesterday I met up with Mina, the founder of Spurtee Sportswear, makeup artist and photographer Linda and the beautiful Felicia at A House Stockholm to shoot some promotional pictures for Spurtee. Spurtee is not just sportswear, but also perfect to style with a suit, to jeans or other lifestyle outfits.

I love organizing shoots, put together outfits, guide models and even model myself, and yesterday was a true blast. But after hours of makeup, changing and posing in front of a camera, I was completely wiped out. Also forgot to buy water and snacks, so it was a hungry bunch of ladies leaving the place. But I think the result will be pretty awesome and can´t wait to share it with you! In  the meantime, you can head on in to Instagram and follow Spurtee for some girl power and inspiration!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

The beautiful moments of ordinary life

Today is the international day of happiness and I find it pretty awesome that I got to start this day doing one of the things that makes me really happy; that being yoga. It was the third time we held City Spa Yoga over at Selma Spa, and again so many new faces showed up. Makes me childishly happy to see people sharing their power on the mat with us.

To weigh up for my semi-depressing blogpost last weekend, I thought I would use this day to list five little things from my everyday life that make me happy and why (might even work as a little reminder to myself to see the good in life).

When I weave positive intention into my movements, I am imprinting these thoughts, not only into my mind, but into my body. So, I am effecting change on my mat that will allow for change off my mat. The slow movements, the strong foundation and the awareness on the breath makes me feel grounded, relaxed and happy. And those feelings are irreplaceable.

Marie and I spreading some love today 

You know that feeling when your favorite song comes on and you just jump of joy and start singing, even though it sounds terrible (at least in my case). Or when you´re at the gym and that one song comes on that helps you stay motivated for just a little while longer. Or when you are in the kitchen making food and your song comes on the radio and you start dancing (either alone or together). That is pure joy right there.

Hearing other people laugh
Every time I hear someone laugh I automatically smile. Or if the person is REALLY laughing out loud, I can’t help but start to laugh too. Laughter is proven to be contagious, and it sure makes me happy!

True happiness is sustainable delight in the beautiful moments of ordinary life

Reading a good book
My favorite thing (preferably while soaking up some sun) is to read. Crime books are my guilty pleasure and I can totally disappear into them. Not the most uplifting theme; murder and other crimes, but the joy of reading is always there.

Doing something nice for somebody else
There is a Chinese saying that goes: “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing (this can be discussed). If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” I truly believe there is something there. Because the joy of doing something good for somebody else is unbeatable. In some way I like to thing that is why working with Best of You makes me so happy. Because in different ways I affect and/or help others.

Everything that involving kindness, love, and affection makes me happy. The small moments in life, that we sadly so often take for granted. What makes you happy? Would love it if you would like to share!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Tears are words the heart can´t say

I close the door behind me and feel the silence in our apartment embrace me. I sink to the floor, not bothering taking off my jacket or shoes and let the tears that have been building up all morning, silently run down my cheeks. While sitting there, alone on the floor in the hall, crying, something that has been griping around my chest, slowly loosens. Then he comes home, flowers in his hand and a supporting smile. Then that warm embrace. Him holding me, making me feel like the world is good. And suddenly I can breathe again.

The last week I have been headed downhill when it comes to my mindset. A mindset I have been working so hard on. I have just hated everything I see in the mirror, I have cried when I have seen photos of myself and I have sometimes gotten this overwhelming feeling to tear my own skin off. I have tried to ignore it, but guess today I reached my limit. When I woke up this morning everything just felt so wrong. My body was aching, my head hurting and I felt sad, fed up, indifferent, angry, restless. All at once. I didn’t want to get up and face myself in the mirror, yet again disliking everything looking back. I just wanted to sleep.

I have no idea why. I have been doing so good the last few years, mainly because of my work with Best of You and shifting my focus and working on acceptance. But I guess, like with everything else in life there are ups and downs. It will get better, I just need to work my way through it.

I am now sitting here, in my favorite PJ and a warm cup of tea, doing what works best; writing it all down. All to the smell of those fresh and beautiful flowers. I am so grateful to have him by my side, even though he probably doesn’t understand any of it. But by simply loving me, he makes me stronger. And those blue eyes telling me everything will be ok and that smile, that always makes me smile, that helps too.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia