Planning my escape

In a blink of an eye winter arrived in Stockholm with tons of snow. Social media exploded with happy updates about how wonderful it was that our city had turned into winter wonderland. And then you had me, super annoyed, planning my escape to Palma in December.

It’s not that I don’t like the snow, it is super pretty, for like a second. Because if there is one thing I learned about winters in this country, it is that it gets cold, snows a lot and then the next day it gets warmer, it starts melting and then the rain comes. And liked ordered; it will rain today. Haha! Trying to be positive here, but I am no winter person, that’s for sure. Hurts in every bone in my body, and again, seems like I am the only one freezing too.

What a ray of sunshine I am! Sorry, lying in bed with a sore throat and head ache, trying to avoid getting worse. Drinking my green juices and ginger shots though, so hopefully I am back on my feet again tomorrow.

Time to unplug, rest and sleep. Will get back stronger than ever later!
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

The good and the bad

After a few hours sitting at Sup46, goofing around (Marie, I blame you for that, haha) I went for some shoe-shopping instead. Now I am at Espresso House, getting some work done before heading home to embrace the weekend.

I can’t begin to describe how much I love being an entrepreneur. I am really having the time of my life. There are so many perks, but it also involves some sacrifices. But what is being an entrepreneur really like? Well, lets divide it into the good and the bad:

Controlling your own time
The freedom to plan the day just the way you like it. Like now, when I needed a break, I packed my stuff and ran some errands before getting back to it. Or if there is a gym class I want to attend in the middle of the day or in the morning, no stress. I can do as I please.

Stand up for what you believe in
Being an entrepreneur also gives you the chance to stand up for what you believe in, and spread the word. I have a view on health and wellness that I want to share with the world, and every single day I get to do that. And I get to help people, affect them in a positive way and spread good vibes.

All the amazing people
During this short time, I feel I have met some of the most interesting and inspiring people ever. Many of them also being entrepreneurs like myself, creates a fantastic community and I learn so much. Also, some of those whom I meet share so much energy and happy vibes, which fuels me too.

Total freedom
Having the freedom to do what I want, when I want it and in the way I want it, is priceless. I of course have my business partner Mo, but she is like my other half, so don´t think we ever have experienced not being on the same page. Also, the ability to live where I want or be able to travel whenever I want is also a big plus.

Missing the Benjamins
Suddenly not having so much money coming in on a regular basis both terrifying and a struggle. But you’ll be surprised of how fast you adapt. And funny enough, when I had a full-time job and a pretty ok salary I had debt and was constantly broke. Now that I have less than half of the income I am debt free and even have money on my savings account. Guess it was the wakeup call I needed. But that vacation I can take “whenever “ is hard to afford though.

Always in work mode
Having your own company and being truly passionate about it, makes it hard to really unplug. I probably put in more hours a week then most people I know, and logging off can be a challenge. And since I investedso much time in my business there is a certain underlying pressure to succeed.

Learning to say no
Being all wrapped up in business, friends and loved ones don’t always get my fullest attention. And due to the workload, I also sometimes need to miss out on the fun stuff, and learn to say no.

Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride, with tons of ups and downs. It takes time, dedication and persistence, but if you truly believe in your business things have a funny way of working out. So, I will enjoy every minute of it.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



State of mind: Happy

Every Friday, Mo and I have a weekly editorial meeting at Sup46, but his time we had gotten invited to Clarion Sign Hotel to indulge in their breakfast buffet, so we moved our meeting over there. Mo wasn’t hard to ask, she is a true brekkie-lover and myself never say no to free food, haha! We´re talking pain au chocolate, brie, dark bread, bowl of fresh fruit, coffee and all this this while watching the sun get up over Stockholm. Our state of mind was definitely happy!

Afterward we meet a representative for Clarion, a lovely and sparkly lady to talk a little business before heading out to our next meeting, this super cute lady from Triple.

God how I love the freedom to run around town, meeting inspiring people and work with what I love, my way and without any pressure. Hard work, but having so much fun! And having Mo back makes me so happy. Now, Marie has joined us and we have a little work session at Sup46. Or, more joking around doing 100 things at the same time, so time to focus! More on how hard it can be to structure your own time in another post, so this doesn’t get to cliché, haha!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

When I fall, I smile and get up and I try again

Today is day 14 of my 31-day yoga journey and I want to share some thoughts on how it is going.

So how is it going? Well, I have my ups and downs, that’s for sure. Some days I love it, others I just want to get it over with. Some days I smile or laugh and other days, like yesterday, I cry. Some days I feel like a true yogini, while on other days I feel like an elephant trying to climb a tree. Emotional roller coaster for you right there! But I show up for myself every single day. No matter how I feel. And one thing is for sure, I always feel better afterwards.

When I first started, I honestly was unsure if I would even make the first week without at least missing a day or two, doing several practices in one day, to kind of catch up. But surprisingly I stuck to it overcoming the challenge to set aside time. Having my group of ladies on Facebook has really motivated me so much.

And a perk is that my not-so-strong and very stiff body has become a lot stronger. My core muscles are where I feel the most effect, having been activated every single day now. A little a day goes a long way, as Adriene from YogaRevolution says.

I am excited to see how I feel at the end of this journey. I can´t really see any difference on my body, but I can feel it, both physically and mentally. Not much, but a little. It is of course not always just bliss and heaven, but I try to stay positive and honestly, it is fun! Fun to try, and when I fall I smile and get up and try again.

Photo cred: Jānis Šaulis / Location: rebirth fitness 

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Home training with Abilica

This Tuesday started bright and early on the yoga mat, before hurrying over to Spalt PR in Stockholm, where Mårten and Malin Nylèn (behind I am Ready), together with Abilica had invited me and Mo to a morning workout event.

We got our butts kicked (in a good way) doing different exercises, paired up two and two. It was everything from running on a treadmill or handstand against a wall to kettlebell swings. Let’s just say we got our pulse up (that reminds me; never go directly from a workout event to work without being able to shower). Afterwards a delicious breakfast was served, followed by the most amazing give away ever!!!

When we arrived, every one of us there had gotten a water bottle. Under our bottle was a number and in the right order we got to choose whatever was in the room to bring home. We are talking treadmill, cycle, weights etc. Everything people! Totally awesome and everyone in the room was in total shock! I was number 13 so all the big stuff was gone, but I got to bring home both a kettlebell and a pink ball, perfect for my workouts at home. Transporting all that stuff home was a workout itself, so I will definitely sleep like a baby tonight!

Photo cred: Studio Emma Svensson

Honestly, having my damn period made me feel like a bloated whale, but turns out whales can have fun too, hihi!  Joke aside, working out is almost always the last thing I wanna do during that time, but  somehow it always makes me feel better. I am so happy I went, moved my body and got to have some fun! Thank you Abilica, Spalt PR and Mårten and Malin for a fun morning filled with tons of energy and lots of big smiles.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



Weekend brunching

Ok, ok, I know it is Monday, but can we talk about weekend brunches people? Why haven’t I realised how awesome that is until now?

My boyfriend and I managed to get a table at Greasy Spoon on Saturday, and after mimosas, freshly pressed grapefruit juice and a whole bunch of pancakes, we were in heaven. I actually didn’t even wanna go check out the place since I have heard it is always such a long line, but sometimes my boyfriend does right in telling me to zip it and go with the flow – hihi!

Since I work like a crazy person and at the same time am more broke than ever (got to love the life of an entrepreneur), we rarely do stuff like this, and it was nice to spend some quality time with my guy. And nothing beats seeing him smile over a big plate of pancakes with bacon (even though I do not support the bacon part, hihi).

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



She´s back

Best of You´ s other half is back home from Portugal, and it was so good to see her happy (and tan) face! Today we sat down for an editorial meeting, planning and restructuring Best of You for next year. Felt good to get a bit organized and get some structure to our work. And best of all I got to work in the company of the best Mo again.

Look at these pencils, aren´t they just the cutest!

After a few hours of work and over-snacking on nuts and chocolate, we headed over to “The Castle” for a guided tour! Such an amazing place in central Stockholm! And the best part; the stunning view on our way back home!

Was supposed to take a glass or two of bubbles with Mo and join her for a Halloween party, but after sleeping 2-3 hours last night (due to some party animals as neighbours) I had to play the old lady-card and get home to some dinner and a movie. Seriously, sometimes I get too tired to function, haha!

Happy weekend
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia