A Sunday without filter

After days with little sleep and a not so happy mind I felt I just needed a quiet and easy morning. No Instagram-friendly cup, no perfect set up of my computer, book and blanket and no fresh morning face with a big smile. Today I just need a Sunday without “filter”.

In today’s social media world, it´s so easy to hide behind smiling faces and pretty pictures, portraying a happiness that might not be there at that exact moment. Not that I am unhappy, I am just tired and a bit down, a happiMESS as I like to call it.

Why should we fear sharing the less good moments in our lives?

We tend to push away negative emotions, resisting challenges and apologizing for being negative. When in fact, anger or sadness are an important part of life too. To aknowledge and express a full range of emotions is in fact vital to our mental health. Yet we fear it, push it away.

Let’s face it, the world is made of good and bad and so are our emotions.

Today I miss my family. My mom, my dad, my sisters and nephews in Oslo. My lovely grandmother in Bergen. I miss my two crazy best friends who know me in and out and just by being them makes the world such a better place. I miss the sun and the energy that comes with it. And it affects my mood. And it is ok.

So, I will sit her and read my book and drink my coffee. And when my boyfriend wakes up I will go hug the shit out of him and hopefully the day will turn and get better. But for now, no filter. Just me, as the happimess I am.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia






The perfect Christmas gift

//Sponsored box 

Can you believe it? We are already in December and the Christmas shopping mania has begun! Personally, I try to avoid stores during December. People get a tad too aggressive and stressed for my taste. Some of you might agree? Then I got the perfect tip for you (and for those of you who might need some inspiration). Why not give away a Healthy Box?

The Healthy Box is a subscription service where you get a box of healthy products delivered to your doorstep every month. It contains goodies like nuts, dried fruits, superfoods, health drinks and raw bars. Quite simply, a mix of products that makes your body feel good. The perfect gift for someone you care about.

In the pictures you see the November box,  a “regular” one that appears on my doorstep every month. But now you can also choose from other boxes: Like the Christmas gift box, different gift cards, monthly or 3-month subscription, and my personal favorite; The Healthy Box by Carolina Gynning. Head over to www.thehealthybox.se and take a look (for Sweden only).

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Aerobics party 80s style

A while back I got an invitation to I AM READY´s release party. The invitation said to dress in your own interpretation of an aerobic outfit a la Jane Fonda (so embarrassing but had to Google that, haha). So last Thursday I showed up at the beautiful studio of Altromondo Yoga, dressed in a colourful outfit, a tad nervous of what the morning would bring.

Turned out I was SO wrong to be nervous. I had the time of my life!

After a short introduction behind the team of I AM READY, we danced our way through hits from the 80s, with dance instructor Maria Cajdert. Aerobics 80s style people, and it was freaking AWESOME! The music, the dance moves, the colourful clothes! It was impossible not to smile. And one thing is for sure, aerobics is NOT easy, so a lot of stepping on each other’s toes and bumping into each other was involved (at least by me), but that only made it more fun!

I laughed and smiled the whole time!

Afterwards a yummy breakfast was served and we got a super nice goodie bag, with products and stuff from Oriflame, The Body Shop, Balance Training etc. Such a fun way to start my day! Just take a look at the magic:

Photo cred: Josefin Stein/@josefinstein

So, what is I AM READY, you might wonder? It´s a Swedish lifestyle site that offers articles about health, wellness and fitness. A community where they have gathered a group of skilled coaches, doctors and different experts within their fields in one place, inspiring people to a healthier way of living.  Just what we LOVE at Best of You! It is run by Malin and Mårten Nylen, and their focus is to get people to smile more. Mission accomplished, I was high on life the rest of the day. Thank you so much.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



Christmas Calendar

December is here and social media is over-flooded with Christmas Calendars and giveaways. And Best of You does of course also want to spread some Christmas joy, but in a different way. We have created a calendar not like many others, where we want you to embrace the little things.

For each advent, we will post a little encouragement. Something small, with a big impact on your life and others. Something that won’t make you poorer, but definitely make both you and the receiver richer.

To participate you simply head over to Instagram or Facebook, follow our posted encouragement and leave a comment in the comment field during the week, telling us how it went for you and you will automatically be in the drawing of winning the week´s sponsored prize. We will randomly pick someone and send them some love, with the help from some amazing sponsors.

So, every week during December, we and (hopefully) you guys will do something nice for others and ourselves. Happy 1.advent.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

After a hectic week

Nothing feels better after a hectic week then having your mom visit and spend your weekend mornings drinking greens and having home spa!

I have been helping out at Johan’s parents job, working full time while they were on a cruise. In addition I have been babysitting the cutest dog and running around town representing Best of You at some super fun events. So when Friday came and I picked up my mom at the train station I felt my shoulders coming down, relaxing again.

We started the weekend at HOBO hotel, meeting up with Maria Swanström, a wonderful lady I met through Best of You, for a glass of wine. And then, the wine was switched out with my favorite green smoothie and spending time exploring Stockholm. We found THE most amazing vintage shop yesterday and I finally got to take my mom to Mahalo. We dared ourselves on a Matcha Blue, but honestly it looked prettier than it tasted, hihi. Guess you can’t love everything! Their sweet potato fries and golden milk on the other hand was to die for!

And speaking of something yummy: my green smoothie! I love it,  it is simply delicious if I might say so. You just mix fresh kale, fresh spinach, a big chunk of ginger, half a lemon, half a banana, half of an avocado, some frozen pineapple and oat milk. Truly does wonders for your digestive system.

Skincare products: Skin Camilla Pihl / Glass straws in my smoothie: Stream 

Now I am testing my new skincare products my mom brought from Norway, by Camilla Pihl, before heading over to rebirth fitness for a sweaty session with my mom and Michael. God, been off for so long due to being sick so this will be interesting. Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia






When he steels your spot in bed

Woke up to snoring this morning, and this time it was not my boyfriend, but his parents dog which we are watching for a week – haha, he is so lazy and comfortable. I got up to make some coffee and when I got back he had firmly planted himself in the arms of my boyfriend.

Weekend vibes

Today I have no plans whatsoever, which is good since I had a hectic day yesterday and still not feeling 100. But hopefully I manage to get back on the yoga mat, and a little trip into town would be nice. Isn’t it just wonderful to wake up and you can do whatever you feel like? No alarm, no to do list, no musts.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Right where I belong

Being Editor in Chief of Best of You, I have been getting to know the health community in Stockholm more and more. Not only in terms of our collaboration partners, but all the wonderful personal trainers, yoga teachers, coaches and brand owners out there. We work together, go to events together and often train together.

Which used to terrify me!

I have never been this super fit gym lover, who makes lifting weights and running on a treadmill look as easy as a Sunday stroll to the local bakery. Let me try to explain: I am more the type of girl who gets a mild heart attack after a few meters of running, who is so red in the face that it looks like my period came out of the wrong place and lifting those 2-3 kg like my life depended on it. Making it hard to feel any connection to all those bloggers and influencers out there, promoting health.

When I met all these wonderful trainers and started to get invited to their workouts and events I was terrified. “I am not fit enough for this”. “I am not one of them”. “What the fuck am I doing here”. These where all thoughts running through my head.

But then I realised that this is exactly what I want to change

I want you to know that you don’t have to be fit to join a gym class. You don’t have to be soft and limber to be able to do yoga, and you don’t have to be skinny and have abs to be able to call yourself healthy. You find what feels good to you and a balance based on your life, your body and your needs.

Which is also what inspired me to found Best of You in the first place. Because I love yoga, but I also love wine. I love to work out and sweat, but I also love my relationship to the cookie jar and our late night dates with Netflix. And that doesn’t mean I don’t belong.

Now that I finally have realised that I am no longer afraid to join a kick boxing class, lift those weights or go for a run with someone (all though I prefer not to run, hihi). My point being; don’t think you need to fulfill certain criteria’s to be part of something. You are more than enough and health is for everyone! Coming from the girl who still goes to fitness events being the only one there not being able to do pull ups or hand stands, but still enjoys herself!

Photo cred: Jānis Šaulis / Location: rebirth fitness / Outfit from I Can I Will (sponsored)

So go lift those weights girl, or go to that yoga class you always wanted to try or head straight into the lions cave and join the heavy bodybuilders at the gym. Whatever you prefer, but dont let a label or the thought of not being good enough stop you. Because you rock, with or without abs!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia