Sanskrit and a not so zen me

I am continuing my latest post about mindfulness with a post about yoga, since they practically go hand in hand. No, just kidding! It was totally not planned and I am not a super zen person either. I just spontaneously got invited to a “Yoga-Breakfast” event at Orange County Foods in Stockholm by Felicia (fellow blogger and happiness promoter).

On Thursday morning, Hanna Linder guided us through a Hatha class, focusing on the Sanskrit word: Ahimsa, meaning “not to injure” and “compassion”. It was a very mindful and much needed time on the mat. I could really feel that I haven’t moved my body much lately, aui! I am like an on and off yogini. Not much compassion there the last few weeks.

Photo cred: Malin Erixon-Ågren / The top I am wearing with the beautiful quote on is from the awesome brand Spurtee (sponsored). 

During the class I started reflecting on how I have a hard time letting go and focusing 100 percent on me and the mat on events like these. My mind wonders off and I start thinking about getting my phone and do an Instagram story. Weird, how we are invited to be present in the moment and they even have a photographer in place, yet my mind still wonders off to Instagram and blog posts-haha, told ya I was not so zen!

Photo cred: Angelica Eldh

After the class (which I managed to complete by just taking 1 tiny picture with my phone #sorrynotsorry) we got served some yummy Frill topped with granola and other delicious stuff and I got to mingle a bit with both new and familiar faces, before heading off to work.

Photo cred: Malin Erixon-Ågren

I love Orange County Foods, the colors in that place are so dreamy and the company that morning filled me with lots of energy. Thank you Maria (OCF), Angelica (Frill) and Hanna for organising a wonderful event.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Mindful Mojo with Anna Vogel

Life is without doubt hectic, but that’s the way I like it. I like to work a lot, be social and in-between all that get distracted by other fun stuff. But sometimes my energy level goes to a critical low and my “spark and glitter” fades a little. So when I was invited by my friend and “colleague” Marie to join a three days mindfulness mojo workshop I immediately said yes. Time to refill, recharge and create space for my own needs in the midst of this hectic, but wonderful thing called life.

The workshop is called “Getting Clear. Being You. Bring out your mojo with mindfulness” and is spread over three evenings in February/March. The purpose of this course is to help you step into your true power and mojo, led by the fantastic Anna Vogel.

I have by now completed day 1 and 2 and so far it has been a real eye opener for me. It is not so much about finding out what I want to do with my life, that part I would say I got covered, but it is more about making room for reflection and press pause every once in a while.

You might look at it as a spring cleaning 

We have been talking, doing some light meditation (a real challenge for me), writing a lot (love that) and even got some simple, yet very effective exercises to bring home. It really feels like I for the first time have given myself room to listen to my thoughts. Which is not easy, a lot of feelings have come to the surface, both positive and negative, but I feel lighter somehow.

We have one more workshop coming up in March and I am looking forward to seeing what it will bring. One thing´s for sure: life is not anything without a little spark and mojo peeps!

Want to learn more about Anna Vogel and her coaching? Head on in to her website or follow her on Instagram.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



A change in the making

While I was in Oslo my dad and I took a roadtrip down to our summerhouse a few hours away from Oslo. The house, that has been there since 1964 is now gone and is being replaced with a new one.

Change in the making 

I have so many beautiful memories from that place. Back in the days when we had to brush our teeth and shower in the garden hose. The times our grandfather let us look through his old binoculars at all the boats and the small islands out on the ocean. The times we held small plays to entertain the grown-ups with our childish humour. All the times we had friends over, celebrating my dads birthday. The boat trips to go get ice cream, the warm days on the sandy beach and all the times we jumped from the pier into the dark green water. All the times we played monopoly while eating pastries with Norway’s famous brown cheese. All the books I have read while sitting on a hard, very old chair at the back of the house because that’s where it was the warmest. All the days enjoying that beautiful view.

But it is time for a change! In the beginning, it made me a little sad, knowing that the house I have so many memories from would be torn down. I loved our summerhouse, even though it was very old. But when I came there I realised it is not about the house, it is the place. The wonderful view, the smell of the ocean and the fresh breeze, it is all still there. I am excited to see the new house and create new memories, all the while keeping the old ones stored closely to my heart.

Lots of planing and redoing

It was really fun to spend a day with my dad, even though it was a very long trip. But there is nothing like a little chocolate and “rosinbolle” (pastries) to keep your energy and mood on top.

Realised I have never been there during winter time, and even though I prefer the summer, the view was as good as always.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Oatmeal, snowstorm and being a kid again

My week started with fighting my way through a snowstorm to enjoy a very lovely breakfast date with my mom at Gryn in Oslo. They serve oatmeals with different types of topping in addition to waffles. Been wanting to try that place for a while and it was lovely!

We both took the same; oatmeal topped with cinnamon, apples, caramel dates, almonds and milk. Only minus is that they used regular milk instead of nut milk.

A must try when in Oslo. Check out their website here.

Afterwards I brought my mom to Mesh, where we took a coffee, followed by a lunch date with a friend and a few hours work. Didn’t mind sitting inside, while a tiny snowstorm was raging outside.

Me and my mom ❤ 

Love this spot!

And as soon as it stopped snowing I took that as a sign from above that it was time to get moving, and headed over to my two besties for girl’s night! We watched “Deep Blue Sea”, a very old shark movie  (love how we always watch old and very bad movies together) while eating sweets and lying in bed talking. Spending a night with those two crazy ladies, you would never believe we all turn 30 this year, hihi!

I have had a lovely 8 days back home, spending time with my family an friends. A little refuel of some Oslo love was much needed, but today I am headed back home to my man (who I miss so so so much)! Can´t wait!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

My knight in shining armour

//Advertisement Kiehl’s

I never had much trouble with my skin growing up. An occasional pimple now and then, but nothing major. Until about two years ago. Red spots, pigmentation, tons of small spots all over during very stressful periods and lastly a skin so dry during winter that I actually started flaking. Having tried so many different skin care sets over the last few months, never finding a good one for my skin type I was ready to give up. But then Kiehl’s came along and who would have thought they would turn out to be my knight in shining armour?

I got contacted and was asked if I was interested in testing their skin care set “Ultra Facial” and I of course replied, “Yes please”, knowing the brand very well. (Guess that officially makes me an “micro influencer” or? #goals!) It was a joyful day when this pretty red box was delivered.

The Ultra Facial line is a chosen favourite from the consumers, said to be perfect for the winter skin and consist of cleanser, toner and facial cream. Both the cleanser and toner is for all skin types while the facial cream offers continuous moisture replenishment for dry skin throughout the day with protection for severe weather. And we do have severe weather for sure in this part of the world!

I have been using it for about two weeks now and so far I am very happy. And best of all; the price is affordable, which is key for me with my super low budget. The facial creme is without doubt a new favorite, since it ACTUALLY helps dry skin.

So, say goodbye to this old, dried fruit and hello to a new, glowing sexy mama (or whatever you say). The glow is returning peeps, couldn’t be happier! What is your go to product? Any favorites?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


Woke up this morning, finally feeling a tad better, and for once I got out the door and out among people. Been chilling at my dear moms place the last two days, sleeping, eating healthy and just trying to not get sick. Today however I had get out and get to my dentist appointment. Which started a little like this:

Dentist: How do you feel today?
Me: Crappy, thanks for asking.
Dentist: Why?
Me: Because I am here with you… 

Haha, luckily he takes my “humour”. He was very nice and today I did not have to take any pain killers afterwards. Instead I bought a coffee and sat down at my favorite office away from home: Mesh.

Plans for the day: work work work, before seeing friends and more family! What is on your agenda?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Welcome to the jungle

When I woke up this morning the day started in the best way possible: with a massage, followed by coffee in my moms jungle of an apartment. I am not kidding, my mom has 23 plants. And that is just in the living room. It is like being in a jungle. The vibe, amazing smell and beauty in this apartment is pretty hard to explain and catching the magic on camera is nearly impossible! It is just so damn cozy and needs to be experienced. Wish I never left, because the day kind off turned after that.

Even my little coffee cup has plants on it, hihi!

So, I left around 10 to get to my dentist appointment. I hate the dentist (event though he is a very nice man), but I alwyas have problems with my teeth. Itt hurts to fix and is also INSANLY expensive. Nevertheless, while I was lying there I tried to think happy thoughts, stay positive, smile to the world and the world will smile back and all that crap. Yes, crap!!! Because the world did not smile back and I left a few hours later with tons of pain and like a month’s salary broker than when I arrived.

I headed straight home, took some pain killers and fell asleep. Then my best mom came with some soup from Funky Fresh, which made life a little ok again. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia