The real deal

Started my day with a yoga class at Yogayama thanks to BRUCE (sponsored collaboration). I attended Hatha level 2-3 and the instructor was Hanna Linder that I have done yoga with once before at an event at Orange County Foods. This people was the real deal!

Photo cred: Linda Florin/Studio: rebirth fitness/Yoga mat: Yogish Collective /Top: Spurtee 

I activated muscles I haven’t used in a while, mastering poses I never have before, tried standing on my hands against a wall (that didn’t go so well though) and was mindful and present for the whole 75 minutes. And all I can say is wow. What a wonderful class and what a wonderful way to start the morning, the day and the week.

Photo cred: Linda Florin/Studio: rebirth fitness/Yoga mat: Yogish Collective /Top: Spurtee 

How are you getting your 30 minutes of movement in today? Wish you a wonderful day!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

My week’s summary #1

Since so many bloggers are sharing moments from their week all over the Internet, and I kind of enjoy reading it, I thought I would do the same. Hopefully somebody finds this super useful information entertaining!

This week’s mood
After a weekend in the mountains it started really good, but the last few days I have had some minor mood swings. Can feel my period sneaking up on me and I apologies in advance to everyone in my path. But in general I felt pretty damn good.
Last weekends mode pretty much set the mood for the week. 

This week’s surprise
I got some lovely feedback from various sources about me doing a good job with Spurtee´s Instagram account, which makes me really happy. For those of you who don’t know I am freelancing for them, love their brand, so go follow!

This week’s training
It has been quite the week for my poor little chicken legs. Been powerwalking around Djurgården (a park nearby) tons of times, in addition to cardio class with Charlotte Beijer (through BRUCE who challenged me to try something new) and City Spa Yoga. Was supposed to join a Pilates class as well, but I had two glasses of wine and half a pizza the night before, so didn’t feel that good the morning after. But I have gotten my pulse up and moved every single day, so I am happy!
Photo cred: Linda Florin/Studio: rebirth fitness 

This week’s series
Been having “The Good Wife” on Netflix on in the background while working this week, but when evening comes I try to put away the computer and get back to my reading. Which, so far, has been going really good.

This week’s funniest moment:
When Marie and I were in the changing room of Selma City Spa after a little spa morning, we got to talking with the staff about a running event they have every Wednesday morning. They told us you don´t have to run, some power walk, and I got super happy and told them I would join next week. Marie was pretty natural UNTIL… she learned the hotels breakfast buffet is included. Never seen someone so happy and surprised at the same time!
This lady has a tendency to always make me laugh ❤ 

This week’s yumminess
Without doubt the avocado toast and pancakes my friend Pinja and I shared at Stockholm Brunch Club on Friday. I am going all vegan in a few weeks and having eaten there I would say it should not be a problem at all! It was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!

This week’s most liked picture:
My yoga picture on Instagram. Me in my favorite Spurtee, with my favorite yoga mat from Yogish Collective (sponsored products). Guess people like the pink, I know I do, hihi!

This week’s mantra
When I was headed over to the cardio class, super nervous, I kept repeating to myself that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. That kind of stuck with me the rest of the week.

So, how was your week?

Lots of love from Henriette 

Flea market kinda Sunday

How is it that when you plan to blog every day and actually bring your camera almost everywhere, then suddenly you don´t blog for a week? Guess you guys have missed me bigtime, right? ….. hehe…

Anyhow, I am back with a little blog material from a flea market that I hosted together with Joanna, Louise and Thowe today. After having dragged a suitcase of the size of an elephant over to Powerwomans showroom at Karlaplan (a big thank you) and spending a good hour getting it all up from the suitcase, we had some lovely ladies coming over, becoming new owners of some of our stuff.

(Can you believe how much clothes the 4 of us managed to bring, haha)

I earned some extra cash and my clothes got some new owners! Win-win if you ask me! But then I kinda robbed the girls of their beautiful stuff too, so in one way I kinda ended up plus minus zero. But I had a lot of fun and would love to do it again sometime! Love the idea of a flea market. Way more environmentally friendly and most of the stuff sold is not that much used (if at all) anyway. And what was left I brought home and will donate to charity.

(Happy shoppers)

(Louise, Joanna & Thowe)

(Joanna and me)

How do you feel about flea markets? Like it? Hate it? Would love to hear your thoughts about it!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Chillin’ like a villain

Yesterday, we spontaneously booked a car and drove up to the mountain house of Johans parents. I haven’t been here since October and really wanted to enjoy some skiing before the season ends. The drive is pretty long, but so worth it when you end up here!

Yesterday the day started really slow. A cup of coffee and getting some minor work done in my pyjamas. Exactly how weekends should be. No rush.

Afterward I enjoyed this years first breakfast outside! Freshly squeezed orange juice and oatmeal with blueberries. I sat there for about an hour, soaking up the sun and almost falling asleep again. But had to get up and get a little movement in.  So, while Johan was skiing, I went for a walk.

We are not so good together when it comes to cross country skiing, because he is way faster than me and I work so hard to try to keep up that I am completely drained afterwards and usually fall asleep for a few hours. Thank you, but no thank you. Another option is to go alone, but me and the woods… Eeh, I think NO. So, I enjoyed a long walk in fresh air instead filming Instagram stories and trying to entertain myself!

When we both got back we sat on the terrace for about three hours. I took a glass of wine and directly fell asleep, haha! Not so used to alcohol anymore I guess. Now I am a bit sunburned and ready for some downhill skiing. God I love this place.

I really love being here. There is no rush, no to-do lists and no “I just have to do this.. and this.. and this..”. And it is so quiet up here you could probably hear a mountain bear fart.. (Do bears fart? haha. Do they even have bears here..) Never mind, you get the picture!

What are you up to his weekend?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

BRUCE has challenged me

//Sponsored collaboration

After Easter my #letsgetmoving campaign started and only a few days in I of course managed to get sick. Think karma came and kicked my ass, because I was bragging about how I managed to avoid getting the flu this winter.

Nevertheless, I have started up a group on Facebook, would love it if you joined, and also been walking every single day. The last few days I have even been adding both yoga and kettlebells exercises. And soon (read: when I can breathe again) I will get back into it stronger than ever.

And I am super excited, because BRUCE has challenged me!

My last workout at Studio Levels before getting sick. 

BRUCE (an app that gives you access to 250 studios and gyms in Sweden) came across my campaign and have challenged me to try out 8 new studios/workout forms in 1 month. They believe exercise should be nothing but fun and believe that the key is to vary your workouts. I couldn’t agree more! So on Monday I will try everything from yoga, climbing and swimming, to barre, boxing and what not. And best of all, you can JOIN ME!

By using the discount code bestofyou you get 50% off on your membership the first month! So, for only 345 SEK you can join me all over the city (or Uppsala, Göteborg or Malmö) and try new and fun ways to move your body. The discount code is available until 22/4. 

I am so excited! Are you with me? Head on in to the group and join in on more surprises and fun stuff that is coming up.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

Easter Holiday in the city

Every Easter Instagram is flooded with idyllic pictures from the mountains, sun shining, people skiing, enjoying a cold beer or two. Usually I am one of those suckers posting those picture, together with half of Scandinavia, but this year we stayed in the city. And turns out that was almost as good as snowy mountain tops and Easter eggs in front of the fireplace.

Got surprised with an Easter egg and ate chocolate for breakfast the two next days.

Easter this year was all about setting aside time for us, doing the things we wanted, either together or separately. My MacBook was put aside and we played board games, drank wine, read a good book, went to brunch, the movies, spa, remodelled out living room, fell asleep in the sauna, worked out and just enjoyed whatever we we’re doing right then and there. And I wouldn’t change those days with him for anything.

Brunch at Greasy Spoon. Those buckwheat pancakes are to die for.

New art up on the wall and a fantastic new plant.

Got to have a little sweat session with these ladies (Felicia and Malin) 

Enjoying a sunny afternoon at Selma City Spa.

How was your Easter Holiday? What did you do? Mountain or city?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

Let´s get moving!

We have all heard it a hundred times before; physical activity equals better health. In fact, there is no way around it if you want to improve your overall well-being and quality of life. Time to put that to a test!

It is said that to reduced risk of health problems and maintain an overall good health, a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity physical activity is required each day. In fact, the list of benefits is endless, and you would think that knowing this would make most of us jump out of the couch. The sad truth is that only 1 out of 3 meets WHOs (World Health Organization) minimum recommendations and many of today’s major public health problems are related to our lifestyle and lack of movement. Time to change that, don’t you think?

All you need to do is make a conscious decision to get moving.

I for one want to be healthy, happy and be filled with endless energy, so I decided it was time to put it to a test. So, I am adding at least 30 minutes of physical activity into my daily routine for the next two months and will see what happens. And I of course want you with me on my journey.

Photo cred: Jānis Saulis

But before we get started, let’s look into what moderate and high intensity physical activity means:

  • Moderate intensity corresponds to activities that result in faster breathing than usual, such as power walking.
  • High intensity is equivalent to activities that result in much faster breathing than usual, such as running.
  • In addition, WHO advises doing strength-training exercise twice a week, working all the major muscle groups. Strength exercises should be adapted to the individual with regard to type of exercises, number of sets, number of repetitions and frequency of training.

So, let´s do this! And remember, there is not need to run to the gym! A walk in fresh air, a swim, playing with your children, a dance off in the living room, taking the stairs instead of the elevator; everything counts as movement. Keep it simply my friends, no need to complicate things. You just need to find what gets you moving!

Join the journey by entering the Facebook group “Let´s get moving“, where we can inspire each other to a more active life. I have also teamed up with some amazing brands so during the next two months I will be sharing discount codes and have some fun giveaways (motivation is key, right)! So stay tuned.

Photo cred: Jānis Saulis /Sponsored outfit from I Can I Will / Studio: rebirth fitness 

Exercise is if one of the most important things you can do for yourself they keep saying, so let’s get moving. Goodbye couch, hello new and energized us!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia