Combining passion with intention

Monday is here and a brand new week lies in front of us, but sadly, so many of us wake up today, dreading to have to go to work. Who already long for the weekend and those blissful 48hours of freedom.

But you know what? As cliché as it might sound; life is to short to not spend it doing something you at least enjoy, if not love.

If there were no limits, what would you work with? What is your dream job?

Maybe time for a change? Because resenting what you do for a living is not living.

Last week I was invited to an event, where the founder of Female Founders Club talked about just this topic: combining passion with intention. About how most people think of their passion as a hobby, like something completely decoupled from what they currently earn money on. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

It is all about finding your passion and live with the intention of actually following it. Try to disconnect the brain for a little while and focus on what your heart is trying to tell you. And dare to dream!

Maybe time for a change?

Malin, founder of Female Founders Club holding an eye opening lecture 

Power ladies mingling and exchanging thoughts 

Where there is food, you’ll find me 

When they serve brie my willpower to be a full time vegan is sadly gone 

We also got to listen to Camilla Lind, a lawyer from the law firm Kriström, who gave some good tips on what to consider when starting your own business and when choosing your company form. A very good addition to Malin´s lecture.

So, if you feel lack of motivation on this beautiful Monday morning, or in desperate need of some inspiration; then I can warmly recommend you to start your day by signing up to Female Founders Club, or follow them on InstagramHappy Monday ❤

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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