Memories of summer

This years summer vacation turned out a bit different. We didn’t travel abroad like we usually do, due to my slightly tight economy. Instead we spent time at my dads summerhouse at the coast, south in Norway. And even though it is rebuilt, it is as magical as it was through all my childhood.

Every summer has its own story and here is part of mine

A glass of wine and quiet moments to myself 

Morning swims in the refreshing water

A windy boat trip 

Finally got him on a picture, hihi

Favorite Norwegian ice cream 

The love of mye life 

Outdoors Yoga

Quiet mornings 

Long power walks to get in some movement

Visiting my new summer-bestie every time 

Long hours spent next my favorite person 

Talking about what has been and what is to come

Movienights with my favorite candy

Jumping into the water, again and again 

Feeding the seagulls with my sis, just like when we were children

Spending countless hours reading

Enjoying the stillness with this man 

Soaking in the view

Filling my heart with memories

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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