Pitaya bowl with a dash of workmode

Today I finally got (at least halfway) back into my workmode. On a Friday of all days! Guess it had something to do with waking up to sunshine and the good company I had all day.

Todays happiness level

Got all dressed in my favorite color before riding my bike over to Mahalo at Odenplan to meet Marie for breakfast. Like always, we ordered their delicious bowls and spent the first few minutes photographing (the camera always eats first, right?!) and the next two hours chit chatting! Marie is opening her own studio and I needed an update on all the fun stuff involving paint, equipment and renovations that had happened over the last few weeks! The Workout Plan Studio – go follow people!

Yummy in our tummies!

Afterwards we walked over to The Changers Hub, a free co-working space at Grev Turegatan and spent a good few hours outdoors, checking off things from my to-do list! God, I am so grateful not to be stuck in an office on days like this!

The owner was so nice, giving us everything we needed

Marie in full workmode

Coffee = motivation 

Full focus!

Got home to Johan who finally feels a bit better after having been sick all week, and we went for a little walk before pizza, candy and our favorite crime series awaited! Pretty chill and just what I wanted, because after last weekend wine and social gatherings is the last thing on my mind, hihi!

What about you? How did you welcome the weekend?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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