I think I had the most social weekend in a long time! My little sister was visiting, together with her boyfriend, so some shopping, swimming, lots of yummy food and a little wine was on the menu, and on Friday we tested to play boule at a boulebar at Kungsholmen, which was super fun! Have passed that place so many times, but never tried it, was about time!

Johan, Jonathan and my baby sis Oda

Jonathan in it to win it

Some refreshments

Little sis and I

Haha, very focused! 

Johan and I didn’t win, but the cute couple you see below did, and made sure to remind us of it the rest of the weekend, haha!

Afterwards we went to Norr Mälarstrand for dinner at Orangeriet, before walking home to the prettiest view of the city. Stockholm is pretty damn beautiful at night, so I managed to make Johan join me for a picture (see it and believe it)!

It has been a very nice weekend, but now both me and my wallet need some rest, hihi!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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