Living in the moment

Good morning world! Just woke up after yet another night without much sleep due to it being so hot, but I actually don’t mind it that much. I love summer, the sun and warm days, so a little warm nights are ok too.

This weekend we simply enjoyed the nice weather. Stockholm is seriously tropical these days and I love it! On Saturday we took our bikes and headed on a little adventure out to Lidingö, spending the day on the beach (with the rest of Stockholm apparently) and eating lunch at Elfviks Gård afterwards (a beautiful farm a little further out)!

We spent the whole day outdoors and as it turned out we had actually biked 30km in total, in 30degrees, so we were both very tired when we got home!

Beach read: Pure Personal Power by Helena Önneby

This was seriously delicious!

Elfviks Gård on Lidingö 

When I am with Johan I don’t take many pictures, seeing as he hates taking pictures even more than being taken picture off. Imagine a big sigh every time my camera comes out, hihi! I hate it, but it also forces me to live a little in the moment, which is a good thing (I guess?)!

Now I am off to meet Marie and Charlotte for a delicious, vegan, yummylicious breakfast at Mahalo! And I am totally bringing my camera for that. Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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