My new ride

Thanks to my kind grandmother I now got the coolest ride in town! She gifted me my dream bike as a early birthday 30th birthday present and I am in love. Biking EVERYWHERE these days!

A little materialistic happiness right there with my red beauty from Stålhästen

Just missing some flowers in that basket

It took some getting used to! 

I actually found this beauty online, but I bought it in their store at Sankt Eriksgatan. I had fallen completely in love with the red one, but when I came to the store I saw another one in a beautiful green color and it ended up taking me 45 minutes, 8 phone calls and around 5 texts to decide what I knew all along: I will forever be a lady in red! Talk about decision anxiety! The guy in the store couldn’t help but laugh at me (or with me), because I realised how weird it looked that I spent 45 minutes staring at two different bikes, haha!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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