Eat more cake

Finally, after following them on Instagram for about a year, I managed to get my butt over to Sthlm Raw in Hornstull! Where I of course ate cake, what else? And I had my dearest Trixie with me, who I haven´t seen in weeks (been too long).

After two quiet days at home, taking it easy and resting, getting my body back on track, it was nice to get out and about among people. And it was really such a lovely place, with great service and yummy food, and best of all, I got to enjoy lots of gossip in the sun with my bestie.

My dearest Trixie 

Always up for sweets

Afterwards we walked over to my favorite vegan store Goodstore, and on the way we found the cutest little hippy market! Never been around Hornstull before, so it was fun to see something new.

Always wanted a dreamcatcher over my bed

On my way home I took the boat part of the way. Love that you can do that here, so cozy!

The weather was a bit crazy though. One moment it could be super sunny and warm, and in the next moment what felt like a hurricane came out! On and off all day. Buuuut, it was sunny, so no complaints from me! (Jesus, anyone else noticing how obsessed I am with the weather)?

The week ahead is filled with work and some breakfast-lunch and after work-dates with people I haven´t seen in a while. Think it will be a good week! I am even getting back to the gym, believe it or not. Wish me good luck!

How about you? Any plans or do you have vacation?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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