When you realise you’re not alone

When I woke up this morning I was very happy to have a brand new day in front of me. Because yesterday was a day I would love to have skipped.

I had to take the train to Flemingsberg, outside Stockholm, to the hospital where they had to collect tissue samples of my cervix. This is due to cell changes when I tested myself a while back. Even though it is pretty harmless I was for some reason extremely nervous and all kinds of feelings arose the day before.

After a long conversation with my friend about Instagram and it being so polished, I thought I would share my feelings on Instagram story. Because I too do cry, feel upset, angry or scared, even though my feed might not show it. And the response was so heart warming. So many ladies who showed support, shared their stories and sent tons of good wishes. Made me feel a little less lonely when I arrived to Karolinska, and reminded me we are not alone in feeling like this.

Turned out that for me, it was pretty damn painful, lasted a little too long and lots of blood. Don’t  wanna go into details, because don’t  wanna scare other women though. We are all different. I know it isn’t dangerous, but I hate hospitals, I hate pain and I hate being alone in a country that is not my own, far from my family. So thank you and goodbye!

Beautiful pink roses to cheer me up

Let’s just say I was tremendously happy to come home to Johan. Even my friend Margit came to give me a little hug ❤ Now, a new day and it’s even Friday! Any fun plans this weekend?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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