Oslo – Bergen

When I was in Oslo, my dad and I took a roadtrip to Bergen to visit my grandmother. The trip is pretty far, around 7 hours, but damn is it beautiful. Fjords and mountains, nature and fresh air. Seriously made me keen on driving through Norway one summer, as Johan has suggested a few times.

Just take a look at some of the snapshots from our trip:

When we drove over Hardangervidda both me and the car almost blew over! But the scenery was magical. 

My beautiful grandmother. 64 years apart, but we have the same childish humour. 

Look at that view! 

When you drive higher and higher! Need some serious driving skills on those mountain roads.

I wanted to adopt them! Look how cute

Dad and I

Like a fairytale 

Norway is a beautiful country, I will give them that! And the two days visiting my grandmother was exactly as they should be; Way to much food, lots of gossip and watching crime series while eating chocolate.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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