Lots of kisses

Hi there, it’s me! After five weeks of silence I thought it was about time to get going again (I do call myself a blogger after all). Lots have happened over the last few weeks and I finally got to take that much-needed holiday. So now I am back, full of new energy to share with you all.

I just got home from 16 days back in dear, old Oslo, visiting family and friends. It was two very packed weeks, which started in the best way: celebrating my besties 30th birthday. She has been my bestie for the last 24 years and together with her family and friends, we had a night filled with lots of laughter and tons of kisses!

Lisa, Emilie and me ❤ Besties for the last 24 and 17 years! 

Our moms were there too ❤

Look at them, can´t find any better ❤

Lisa and her boyfriend Cato, the perfect match, haha! 

Even though she is my baby forever ❤ 

And then my favorite person in the whole wide world, Johan ❤ 

I wore my new pink suit from Zara, which is totally my new, favorite outfit this summer! It of course didn’t survive the night, but the dry cleaner managed to almost get it back to normal! It was such a fun night and I can´t wait until my celebration in August (and October, since that is when I actually turn 30)! Guess thats the positive thing with having friends and family in two different countries; you get two celebrations.

Got to run, tomorrow it is back to normal for me. Talk (or write I guess) more soon ❤

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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