I found my paradise

Last Sunday I finally dragged my little butt over the bridge to Lidingö, a little island in the inner Stockholms archipelago (and like 10 minutes away from me). I met up with Mikaela, who lives there,  borrowed a bike and had the most wonderful day. And OMG Lidingö is a little pearl! How can I not have known this?

We cycled out to something called Elfviks Gård, where they had little baby lambs, tons of cute chickens, horses and the biggest rabbit I have ever seen! I was in total awe seeing all those animals at the farm, and they even had this cool vintage shop and a beautiful restaurant where you could buy lunch.

Afterwards we continued to Fågeludde beach where I actually threw myself in the water two times! First time in the water this year. Was freezing cold and SO not the crystal clear water I swam in last time in Turkey, but still nice!

Ended the day meeting up Johan, drinking prosecco and having a little grill party in the backyard. A whole day outside in my newfound mini-paradise (at least during summer times). Thank for the guided tour Mikaela ❤

Ever been to Lidingö? Or do you have any favorite spots in or around the city you can tip me about?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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