Yoga, summer and pizza

Yesterday was magical day and I enjoyed every minute of it. Was a long, but fun day, but guess I was a bit more tired then I realised, because I managed to sleep through three alarms this morning, opsi!

I started my day at Selma City Spa at 06:00, getting ready for our first outdoors City Spa Yoga class. Summer has arrived to Stockholm, so even though it was early it was no problem being outside. More on that wonderful start to the day later this week.

Photo cred: Jānis Šaulis

Afterwards I grabbed my computer and a sun bed, checked off some work before reading, listening to music and eventually falling asleep out in the sun. 27 degrees people, couldn’t even believe I was in Sweden!

Nevertheless, after a few hours my belly screamed of hunger and my e-mail was about to explode so I got dressed and went to Selma´s other rooftop terrace to find some shade and get to work (again). I don´t think I have ever been as efficient as I was sitting there, outdoors in my own little world.

Later I had plans to go kayaking with a friend, but kayaking turned to powerwalk, which again turned to pizza and wine at my favorite Italian place nearby my apartment. To warm to do anything else but eat and drink we decided, hihi!

Love spontaneous dinner dates like these, and I even got to cuddle with Emmett (the dog).

Today will be a hectic day, with work, workout and then Best of You´s Sweat & Shine event tonight at Clarion Hotel Sign. Excited to great 16 happy ladies for some fun in the sun though!

What are you up to today?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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