Time to go vegan?

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Before I start I just want to mention that this is NOT a “I am a good person for not eating meat, you on the other hand are a killer” kind of post. I am simply sharing my experience and my views. Feel free to share your thoughts, but keep the conversation polite please. Ok, just had to get that off my chest. Lets move on.

I have been a vegetarian for a little over two years now. Or one year to be correct, the first year I was a pescetarian (eating fish). In my wildest dreams did I never believe I would be able too and I debated it for about a year before I actually took the step. Guess watching documentaries, reading and learning about what meat does to your body, the environment and the animals was the motivation I needed. The change was a positive one for me, and I now feel ready to go vegan.

A movie that really woke me up was Cowspiracy.

Another one was Earthlings, but I turned it off after about 7 minutes, I couldn’t handle it. I cried to much.

I have slowly taken steps towards a vegan diet over the last year and gradually removed certain foods from my diet. Like egg for example. I have always believed that would be the main food keeping me from going vegan, but turns out that just quitting it out for a week turned into months and oddly enough I don´t even miss it. Same goes for milk. I used to hate Oatly in my coffee, now I prefer it. But like so many others there are certain foods I have a harder time parting with (goodbye stinky cheese, pain au chocolate etc). But I believe it is all about being open to the possibility of change. Don´t hate it before you try it is kinda my motto these days.

For me it is very important to live a life without restrictions, so I feel I need to do the transition in my own pace, so choosing away certain foods comes out of passion and commitment to something I believe in, not because of restrictions I will end up resenting. Maybe this doesn’t´t make any sense, but guess it does for me.

A bag of goods from Goodstore, a vegan grocery store in Stockholm where I go to get my favorite things.

Why I want to go vegan is again for the simple reasons that: I want my body to feel well and healthy, and yes, certain food makes me really feel like crap (no matter how yummy it taste). I want to do what I can for the environment and I have a huge disgust for what we do to the animals. Just doesn’t sit right with me. On the other hand I have a boyfriend who eats whatever he wants and I respect his choice, the same way he respects mine.

We respect each others choices, but still makes me very happy when he joins me to buy a smoothie! 

Living in Stockholm makes going vegan pretty easy. Here you have tons of vegan restaurants, always a vegan option around the corner and the grocery stores are packed with delicious alternatives. And more and more people are positive to the change, realising that there is so much more to a vegan/vegetarian diet than just salad.

Vegan brunch at Sthlm Brunch Club. 

That is why I was extra happy when my favorite The Healthy Box even sent out a vegan box! That way more people can give vegan options a try and maybe then realize it is not so bad after all.

Can´t wait to try the chocolate (suprise suprise). 

The Healthy Box was so kind to give me a discount code to share with my Swedish followers. By using the code bestofyou you get 15% off on the first box in a subscription. A great way to try new snacks, foods and drinks and find things you might love in the jungle of foods out there. 

What about you? Are you pescetarian, vegetarian or vegan? Do you want to be? What are your views on the subject?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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