I took the morning off

My everyday life often consists of primarily two things: work and getting my movement in. And with me is always my beloved phone and/or computer. I am honestly not so good at logging off, because I enjoy being online. But turns out that when I did, it was magical.

On Tuesday, after the regular City Spa Yoga class, I for once took a bathrobe and joined the guests at the spa. And it was the perfect day to do so, because already at 08:00 it was 20 degrees and sunny.

After taking tons of pictures and selfies (I am a blogger after all), swimming a bit and goofing around, Marie, Elin and I took three sunbeds and simply relaxed. No computer, no mail, no to-do list. Just me hanging out with friends, a cup of coffee and a sun kissed body on a rooftop in Stockholm city. N.I.C.E!

The yoga continued in the water

Do you see that smile? That´s what Swedish summer does to you! 

Elin and Marie ❤

Haha, Elin and her bright smile! Growing up today with all them selfies must seem so weird for older people though?!

The best part of being your own boss is that you decide how to spend your day. Spent half the day doing yoga and enjoy the sun and the other half working.

How do you unwind? Do you log off often? Any good tips?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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