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This week has been flying by crazy fast. I have been doing something at all times every single day it feels, so yesterday and today I have been taking it pretty slow, spending time with Johan. I have been working out a lot, but also managed to find the time to drink wine, go to the cinema and relax. Balance is very important for me.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into my week:

This week’s mood:
Been very happy this week. Full of energy from moving a lot and from getting to enjoy tons of daylight again (got to love spring). Pretty crazy how much light effects the mood. Also been feeling good about my week in terms of juggling my private- and work life in a good way.

This week’s surprise:
The tickets to our upcoming event Sweat & Shine (advertisement for own brand) got sold out in 48 hours. Totally crazy and Marie pretty much explains the joy we felt in the picture below. Also got my new watch from Boomwatches (sponsored), but that deserves a blog post all on its own.

Working out with this personal trainer is anything but boring!

This week’s training:
This week has offered a lot of varied training, mainly thanks to Bruce (sponsored collaboration). Attended a challenging, but very good yoga class, tried to stand on my hands for the first time and did a combination of cycling and yoga at Urban Ride.

Wednesday morning together with Charlotte at the Run with Sign event.

By varying my workouts it hasn’t felt as hard to get to the gym as it would have normally. Actually been pretty fun. My week looked a little something like this:

Monday: Hatha Yoga 2-3 at Yogayama
Tuesday: City Spa Yoga & Handstand workshop
Wednesday: Run with Clarion
Thursday: Cycling + Yoga at Urban Ride
Weekend: Powerwalks

Urban Ride has the coolest venue at Odenplan in Stockholm. 

This week’s series:
Season 2 of “The Handmaid’s Tale” started up at HBO this week and I watched it with horror. Such a terrible, yet exciting series. Go check it out!

This week’s funniest moment:
I would have to say my week´s funniest afternoon! I was sitting at Selma with Marie on Friday, trying to get some work done and I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. It actually ended up getting its very own blog post.   

This week’s yumminess:
Johan and I went for a little food shopping at Goodstore on Södermalm and I bought some cookies that seemed yummy. And boy did they taste good! Haha, the love I have for cookies and sweets people!

Seriously so tasty! Almost all gone today #opsi

After work on Friday we stopped on our way home for a glass of wine at our favorite Italian place, and after a week of hard work it felt extra yummy with a cold class of wine.

This week’s most liked picture:
Again a yoga picture. Really love this picture though, taken by the talented Linda Florin.

This week’s mantra:
“How would you know if you have never tried”? After having tried the handstand workshop (which I was terrified to do), I realised I actually liked it and I decided right then and there to never say no to trying new things again. I am a long way from perfect, haha, but at least I am trying! I am up side down #proud!

How was your week?

Lots of love from Henriette

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