High five

On Monday I (Best of You), together with Personal Trainer Marie Emre and Selma City Spa launched the tickets to our upcoming event Sweat & Shine. 48 hours later all tickets where sold and people kept e-mailing. WOW, I don´t even know what to say other than we deserve a little HIGH FIVE!

Marie pretty much describes how happy we were! 

What a feeling it is to be able to create and offer a fun filled evening and seeing that people appreciate and want to be part of it. Really can´t wait.

We have invited only ladies this time, wanting to show them what working out should be nothing but fun and removing the pressure of the feeling of not fitting in! We are all power ladies, able to lift weights and work out hard. Going to be a blast!

And since the tickets were sold out so fast we have the best gift for those of you who didn’t´t get the chance to join. You can win a sleepover at Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm with a friend. Imagine waking up in their fluffy sheets, enjoying their delicious breakfast. Head on in to Best of You´s Instagram account to join.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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