FriYAY workmode

You know it is time to turn off the computer and go home when you have spent the last four hours laughing and giggling like two teenage girls. You can just guess who kept me company today! Yup, Marie!

The first few hours (before lunch) I was super efficient, working my way through my to-do list like a machine! Also had a very nice meeting with a potential collaboration partner. But then we had lunch and after that it went pretty downhill with my (our) concentration. I think the pictures pretty much sums up the day.

Just like being back at school. 

However, I had tons of fun and can´t remember last time I laughed this much during a workday! We should stop taking life (read work) so seriously and have more fun. If I ever go back to an office I will suggest that as an office rule; laugh your ass off at least two times a day.

Happy FriYAY peeps! Remember to laugh a lot!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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