My week’s summary #1

Since so many bloggers are sharing moments from their week all over the Internet, and I kind of enjoy reading it, I thought I would do the same. Hopefully somebody finds this super useful information entertaining!

This week’s mood
After a weekend in the mountains it started really good, but the last few days I have had some minor mood swings. Can feel my period sneaking up on me and I apologies in advance to everyone in my path. But in general I felt pretty damn good.
Last weekends mode pretty much set the mood for the week. 

This week’s surprise
I got some lovely feedback from various sources about me doing a good job with Spurtee´s Instagram account, which makes me really happy. For those of you who don’t know I am freelancing for them, love their brand, so go follow!

This week’s training
It has been quite the week for my poor little chicken legs. Been powerwalking around Djurgården (a park nearby) tons of times, in addition to cardio class with Charlotte Beijer (through BRUCE who challenged me to try something new) and City Spa Yoga. Was supposed to join a Pilates class as well, but I had two glasses of wine and half a pizza the night before, so didn’t feel that good the morning after. But I have gotten my pulse up and moved every single day, so I am happy!
Photo cred: Linda Florin/Studio: rebirth fitness 

This week’s series
Been having “The Good Wife” on Netflix on in the background while working this week, but when evening comes I try to put away the computer and get back to my reading. Which, so far, has been going really good.

This week’s funniest moment:
When Marie and I were in the changing room of Selma City Spa after a little spa morning, we got to talking with the staff about a running event they have every Wednesday morning. They told us you don´t have to run, some power walk, and I got super happy and told them I would join next week. Marie was pretty natural UNTIL… she learned the hotels breakfast buffet is included. Never seen someone so happy and surprised at the same time!
This lady has a tendency to always make me laugh ❤ 

This week’s yumminess
Without doubt the avocado toast and pancakes my friend Pinja and I shared at Stockholm Brunch Club on Friday. I am going all vegan in a few weeks and having eaten there I would say it should not be a problem at all! It was d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s!

This week’s most liked picture:
My yoga picture on Instagram. Me in my favorite Spurtee, with my favorite yoga mat from Yogish Collective (sponsored products). Guess people like the pink, I know I do, hihi!

This week’s mantra
When I was headed over to the cardio class, super nervous, I kept repeating to myself that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. That kind of stuck with me the rest of the week.

So, how was your week?

Lots of love from Henriette 

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