Chillin’ like a villain

Yesterday, we spontaneously booked a car and drove up to the mountain house of Johans parents. I haven’t been here since October and really wanted to enjoy some skiing before the season ends. The drive is pretty long, but so worth it when you end up here!

Yesterday the day started really slow. A cup of coffee and getting some minor work done in my pyjamas. Exactly how weekends should be. No rush.

Afterward I enjoyed this years first breakfast outside! Freshly squeezed orange juice and oatmeal with blueberries. I sat there for about an hour, soaking up the sun and almost falling asleep again. But had to get up and get a little movement in.  So, while Johan was skiing, I went for a walk.

We are not so good together when it comes to cross country skiing, because he is way faster than me and I work so hard to try to keep up that I am completely drained afterwards and usually fall asleep for a few hours. Thank you, but no thank you. Another option is to go alone, but me and the woods… Eeh, I think NO. So, I enjoyed a long walk in fresh air instead filming Instagram stories and trying to entertain myself!

When we both got back we sat on the terrace for about three hours. I took a glass of wine and directly fell asleep, haha! Not so used to alcohol anymore I guess. Now I am a bit sunburned and ready for some downhill skiing. God I love this place.

I really love being here. There is no rush, no to-do lists and no “I just have to do this.. and this.. and this..”. And it is so quiet up here you could probably hear a mountain bear fart.. (Do bears fart? haha. Do they even have bears here..) Never mind, you get the picture!

What are you up to his weekend?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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