BRUCE has challenged me

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After Easter my #letsgetmoving campaign started and only a few days in I of course managed to get sick. Think karma came and kicked my ass, because I was bragging about how I managed to avoid getting the flu this winter.

Nevertheless, I have started up a group on Facebook, would love it if you joined, and also been walking every single day. The last few days I have even been adding both yoga and kettlebells exercises. And soon (read: when I can breathe again) I will get back into it stronger than ever.

And I am super excited, because BRUCE has challenged me!

My last workout at Studio Levels before getting sick. 

BRUCE (an app that gives you access to 250 studios and gyms in Sweden) came across my campaign and have challenged me to try out 8 new studios/workout forms in 1 month. They believe exercise should be nothing but fun and believe that the key is to vary your workouts. I couldn’t agree more! So on Monday I will try everything from yoga, climbing and swimming, to barre, boxing and what not. And best of all, you can JOIN ME!

By using the discount code bestofyou you get 50% off on your membership the first month! So, for only 345 SEK you can join me all over the city (or Uppsala, Göteborg or Malmö) and try new and fun ways to move your body. The discount code is available until 22/4. 

I am so excited! Are you with me? Head on in to the group and join in on more surprises and fun stuff that is coming up.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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