Easter Holiday in the city

Every Easter Instagram is flooded with idyllic pictures from the mountains, sun shining, people skiing, enjoying a cold beer or two. Usually I am one of those suckers posting those picture, together with half of Scandinavia, but this year we stayed in the city. And turns out that was almost as good as snowy mountain tops and Easter eggs in front of the fireplace.

Got surprised with an Easter egg and ate chocolate for breakfast the two next days.

Easter this year was all about setting aside time for us, doing the things we wanted, either together or separately. My MacBook was put aside and we played board games, drank wine, read a good book, went to brunch, the movies, spa, remodelled out living room, fell asleep in the sauna, worked out and just enjoyed whatever we we’re doing right then and there. And I wouldn’t change those days with him for anything.

Brunch at Greasy Spoon. Those buckwheat pancakes are to die for.

New art up on the wall and a fantastic new plant.

Got to have a little sweat session with these ladies (Felicia and Malin) 

Enjoying a sunny afternoon at Selma City Spa.

How was your Easter Holiday? What did you do? Mountain or city?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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