Productive days

Being super productive these days and I can´t stop loving the flow I am in. Sometimes things (read I) simply work out exactly the way I want them too.

Yesterday we held our regular City Spa Yoga and this time we had new mats from Yogish Collective so it was a real rainbow party! I  L.O.V.E the combination of pink, yellow, purple, blue and green! I can´t state this enough people: colors are life. In addition the class was sold out, which makes me so damn proud. So worth getting up at 05:00 for every week.

Sorry for the bad quality (mobil picture)

After the class the Spa Manager rewarded me and the instructor with a hotel breakfast. Seriously, I screamed of joy. Super hungry and so keen on a pain au chocolate, I gladly went downstairs to the buffet.

After the breakfast I had a meeting and checked off some things on my to-do list (or to-be list as I like to call it), before heading of to my part time job.

So much happening in 2018 and I am so looking forward to it all! But first, a little Easter break (in Stockholm this year) . What are your plans for Easter? Anything fun on the menu?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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