Double date on IKEA

It has been forever since Johan I did any remodelling at home, since the original plan was to move. But not having a full time job (on paper)  makes i hard for me to lend money from the bank, so that will have to wait a while longer. So a convinced Johan to do some tiny remodelling instead (tiny, due to me being broke, haha).

Decorating our department has been a constant war, since he likes simplicity and black/white/grey colors and my dream is to have a pink bedroom, lights hanging everywhere and tons of colors and plants. But we meet half way (ooooor at least almost half way) and decided to buy plants and new art for our living room wall. And what better than to head out to IKEA when you need cheap, but pretty plants?  So we called our friends Trixie and Frode and made a little double date out of it.

Trixie was as excited as me to be there! Who doesn’t love IKEA; seriously? So much fun! 

I went a little crazy at the children’s department! I got to pick one though! 

Best part of IKEA! Pretty and cheap plants

The little pink pig got to go home with us and I named him Piggi Joe

Trixie, a true friend who has excepted that I take pictures all the time and simply smiles

After IKEA we got invited for dinner, but since my belly was still being all crazy from a food poisoning that made me sleep in the bathroom all Friday night, we decided to do lunch instead and stopped for some super yummy sushi on our way home. Delicious!

We are still waiting for our new art and also some new curtains, but when it is all ready I will show you! But the plants seriously make me smile every time I walk into the room, haha!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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