Eating green is something I am very passionate about, mostly because I want my body to be healthy and happy, but also because I want to do what I can when it comes to saving animals from being slaughtered and our planet being polluted.

You can truly revolutionize your health with the power of green foods, so it is a big part of my diet. That being said; I also eat tons of chocolate, drink coke zero, love my cookies and let’s not forget my beloved ketchup (could eat that to everything). I am no health guru, but I am trying to eat as clean and green as I can. But I hate cooking and I often lack inspiration, so I love initiatives like Alexandra Öhlunds campaign in social media: #Ettgrönaresättattäta.

#Ettgrönaresättattäta has been rolling on Instagram and Facebook for about 6 weeks, where the purpose has been to inspire people to a more environmentally friendly and greener lifestyle. And last week I was invited to her event at Happy Food Store in Stockholm, where Alexandra talked about her campaign and we also got to listen to some of her followers experience so far.

Photo cred: Johan Öhrlund

Photo cred: Johan Öhrlund

We were served some yummy treats from Green Street Café and also got a discount code in the store. I of course immediately ran to the chocolate department, picking out all the good stuff I could find (discount people, just sayin), before taking a look at the rest of the store. One girl, who I have been following on Instagram for a while came up behind me while I was roaming the chocolate aile and said: “no suprise I would find you here”. Haha, guilty as charged!

Nevertheless, I can warmly recommend you to join Alexandras Facebook group and also buy her E-book! There are so many delicious, simple and best of all, vegan, recipes in there which might inspire you to go green too!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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