Dream office and tons of creative ideas

I am at my office, that isn’t really my office, that is without doubt my dream office. You might be super confused right now, but  I am of course talking about Selma City Spa. I kind of just moved in here, and they make me feel so welcomed and at home.

The view and the light… Enough said. 

A plate of tropical fruit helps me feel fresh 

I started my day with a super exciting meeting with the founder and owner of the brand Spurtee. With a vision to help ladies release their inner power and share that feeling with others, Mina Lindman founded the brand with sportswear consisting of powerful quotes. I meet Mina through one of my team members on Best of You and ended up doing an interview  with her (you can read that here). I got to try her clothes and we got to talk more and as she was looking for some help on branding herself on Instagram, I offered to help.

So she has now hired me to help her with her social media and re-brand Spurtee a little. So people, go and follow Spurtee on Instagram and Facebook. We have tons on plans and spent 2,5 hours today going through everything and setting a plan for spring. So now I am ready to get going and dig myself into the work.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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