Breakfast date in our PJ´s

Work seems to be consuming us these days, which gives us little time and energy for each other. And when we don´t work we meet friends or go to the gym (separately), so the little time we actually have together we are often tired, wanting to zoom “out” on each our computer.

So, little bossy me sat a new rule: one date per week. Just the two of us.

Today it was breakfast. For those of you who don’t know us, we never eat breakfast. Except when on vacation. Which is sad, because some of my best childhood memories are from around the kitchen table during the weekend. Time to do something about that!

We made our favourite pancakes (recipe here), and as it turns out I am not so good at actually making the pancakes round or stay whole, to his amusement, so I cut some fruit and sat the table instead.  Then we enjoyed a meal without any computers or phones (just my camera really quick, haha).

Next week we have booked Badminton and the week after a table at Wienercaféet! Now we are headed out for a long walk, before I need to get back to work. But the few hours it is just him and me are the highlight of my day ❤

How do you spend time with your family or friends? Do you set aside time often or just every once in a while?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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