Monday morning, bright and early! Are you ready to embrace the week? I am for sure! I know not everyone is jazzed about Mondays, but dread it and it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Love Mondays and Mondays will love you back. Or just put on a smile, that helps too.

There is always a reason to smile

This week is full of stuff and I am so excited, can´t stop smiling! Tonight I have my last session of the Mindful Mojo workshop for example. We are going to talk about stress, a theme close to my heart. I am looking very much forward to seeing how these three workshops will make me feel in the end. You can read all about my experience with it so far here.

And tomorrow we have the premiere of “City Spa Yoga”, a morning filled with yoga, healthy food and spa. Everything you need to start the day in the best possible way. I am so proud of this collaboration with Selma City Spa and very excited to continue to offer this every Tuesday morning. You can read all about it and get your tickets here. 

Then there are workouts, meetings, interviews and even a podcast recording marked in my calendar. I love busy weeks like these and I am so grateful for my work. So many new doors have opened and so many wonderful people have come into my life. Guess there is always something to smile about, if we just look closely.

What is on your agenda this week? Anything you look forward to? Dinner with a friend, job interview or maybe a favorite workout?

Have a happy Monday peeps! Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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