The power of writing

Writing. That´s what I have been doing most of the weekend. I of course added some wine drinking, power walks and lunch with a friend, but mostly I sat and wrote.

The last week my emotions were all out of whack, and my thoughts all over the place. So I naturally turned to the one thing that made sense; writing. It was like going back in time, when I lived in Oslo and Johan in Linköping and during our time apart, I could sit and write for hours. Didn´t matter if it was day or night. No checking my phone, no looking at the time. Just me and my pen.

Writing is the painting of the voice

Writing is something I love to do and have always done. I write out of joy, sadness, anger. Guess pretty much any emotion fuels my writing and is somewhat therapeutic. It is a channel for me to formulate the millions of thoughts that run through my mind every single day.

I write to understand – I write to express myself – I write to remember- I write to inspire.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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