Sanskrit and a not so zen me

I am continuing my latest post about mindfulness with a post about yoga, since they practically go hand in hand. No, just kidding! It was totally not planned and I am not a super zen person either. I just spontaneously got invited to a “Yoga-Breakfast” event at Orange County Foods in Stockholm by Felicia (fellow blogger and happiness promoter).

On Thursday morning, Hanna Linder guided us through a Hatha class, focusing on the Sanskrit word: Ahimsa, meaning “not to injure” and “compassion”. It was a very mindful and much needed time on the mat. I could really feel that I haven’t moved my body much lately, aui! I am like an on and off yogini. Not much compassion there the last few weeks.

Photo cred: Malin Erixon-Ågren / The top I am wearing with the beautiful quote on is from the awesome brand Spurtee (sponsored). 

During the class I started reflecting on how I have a hard time letting go and focusing 100 percent on me and the mat on events like these. My mind wonders off and I start thinking about getting my phone and do an Instagram story. Weird, how we are invited to be present in the moment and they even have a photographer in place, yet my mind still wonders off to Instagram and blog posts-haha, told ya I was not so zen!

Photo cred: Angelica Eldh

After the class (which I managed to complete by just taking 1 tiny picture with my phone #sorrynotsorry) we got served some yummy Frill topped with granola and other delicious stuff and I got to mingle a bit with both new and familiar faces, before heading off to work.

Photo cred: Malin Erixon-Ågren

I love Orange County Foods, the colors in that place are so dreamy and the company that morning filled me with lots of energy. Thank you Maria (OCF), Angelica (Frill) and Hanna for organising a wonderful event.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia 

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