A change in the making

While I was in Oslo my dad and I took a roadtrip down to our summerhouse a few hours away from Oslo. The house, that has been there since 1964 is now gone and is being replaced with a new one.

Change in the making 

I have so many beautiful memories from that place. Back in the days when we had to brush our teeth and shower in the garden hose. The times our grandfather let us look through his old binoculars at all the boats and the small islands out on the ocean. The times we held small plays to entertain the grown-ups with our childish humour. All the times we had friends over, celebrating my dads birthday. The boat trips to go get ice cream, the warm days on the sandy beach and all the times we jumped from the pier into the dark green water. All the times we played monopoly while eating pastries with Norway’s famous brown cheese. All the books I have read while sitting on a hard, very old chair at the back of the house because that’s where it was the warmest. All the days enjoying that beautiful view.

But it is time for a change! In the beginning, it made me a little sad, knowing that the house I have so many memories from would be torn down. I loved our summerhouse, even though it was very old. But when I came there I realised it is not about the house, it is the place. The wonderful view, the smell of the ocean and the fresh breeze, it is all still there. I am excited to see the new house and create new memories, all the while keeping the old ones stored closely to my heart.

Lots of planing and redoing

It was really fun to spend a day with my dad, even though it was a very long trip. But there is nothing like a little chocolate and “rosinbolle” (pastries) to keep your energy and mood on top.

Realised I have never been there during winter time, and even though I prefer the summer, the view was as good as always.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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