Oatmeal, snowstorm and being a kid again

My week started with fighting my way through a snowstorm to enjoy a very lovely breakfast date with my mom at Gryn in Oslo. They serve oatmeals with different types of topping in addition to waffles. Been wanting to try that place for a while and it was lovely!

We both took the same; oatmeal topped with cinnamon, apples, caramel dates, almonds and milk. Only minus is that they used regular milk instead of nut milk.

A must try when in Oslo. Check out their website here.

Afterwards I brought my mom to Mesh, where we took a coffee, followed by a lunch date with a friend and a few hours work. Didn’t mind sitting inside, while a tiny snowstorm was raging outside.

Me and my mom ❤ 

Love this spot!

And as soon as it stopped snowing I took that as a sign from above that it was time to get moving, and headed over to my two besties for girl’s night! We watched “Deep Blue Sea”, a very old shark movie  (love how we always watch old and very bad movies together) while eating sweets and lying in bed talking. Spending a night with those two crazy ladies, you would never believe we all turn 30 this year, hihi!

I have had a lovely 8 days back home, spending time with my family an friends. A little refuel of some Oslo love was much needed, but today I am headed back home to my man (who I miss so so so much)! Can´t wait!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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