Welcome to the jungle

When I woke up this morning the day started in the best way possible: with a massage, followed by coffee in my moms jungle of an apartment. I am not kidding, my mom has 23 plants. And that is just in the living room. It is like being in a jungle. The vibe, amazing smell and beauty in this apartment is pretty hard to explain and catching the magic on camera is nearly impossible! It is just so damn cozy and needs to be experienced. Wish I never left, because the day kind off turned after that.

Even my little coffee cup has plants on it, hihi!

So, I left around 10 to get to my dentist appointment. I hate the dentist (event though he is a very nice man), but I alwyas have problems with my teeth. Itt hurts to fix and is also INSANLY expensive. Nevertheless, while I was lying there I tried to think happy thoughts, stay positive, smile to the world and the world will smile back and all that crap. Yes, crap!!! Because the world did not smile back and I left a few hours later with tons of pain and like a month’s salary broker than when I arrived.

I headed straight home, took some pain killers and fell asleep. Then my best mom came with some soup from Funky Fresh, which made life a little ok again. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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