Time for a little vacay

I am headed to Oslo for a little vacay! Staying for 11 days, spending time with friends and family. Oslo is apparently freezing cold, so I am not sure I will survive though #dramaqueen

After having packed half my wardrobe, dragged all my shit over to the station and spilling half a coffee all over myself, I finally winked Stockholm goodbye.

Except for exceptionally bad Wifi, the fact that somebody keeps farting (fascinating how some people behave in public) and the women next to me apparently has a cold she likes to share with everyone else, I am having a wonderful time. I am writing, working and enjoying the snowy scenery.  Can you even imagine; the sun popped up for a few hours! So pretty!

My Yuhme bottle is of course with me and even matching the scenery!

I love taking the train. I can just sit and write for hours while listening to music. And it is warm and comfy (except for the smell of course).

When I arrive I am headed directly to my bestie Em for dinner, before hugging my mama again later tonight. Haven’t been home since October so I can’t wait to see everyone again. Ok, gotta give up now, after entering Norway WiFi is even worse, bah! Happy Monday peeps ❤

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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