Pale whale survival

Today I had a photoshoot booked at Selma City Spa together with Marie Emré, to take some promotion pictures for some upcoming fun we are planning! I packed my red bathing suit, fixed my hair and was ready to wake up the inner blog-model in me! Would say the shoot went pretty well, don´t you think? #bloggerforlife

I like to call this pale whale survival (humour me people)

Usually at shoots like these around 200 pictures are taken, but simply a handful are what we like to call “Instagram worthy”. Either the hair is wrong, the arm looks chubby or the pose looks weird. Always something if you get my drift. Which made me realise how ridicules that is. All pictures are blog and Instagram worthy, and the uglier the more fun (if you ask me). Life is not always perfect, so let’s stop to pretend that it is!

I kinda love all the pictures!

The background looks a bit more like a cold and grey Ukraine than pretty Stockholm, but guess that is what a rainy day in January does to our city. The pool is nice and warm though, in case you were wondering! Not jeopardising my health for pictures (or…?)

Finding my inner sunshine in the wind there. Can´t say I found it… Was freezing cold!

Other than running around in a bathrobe, taking pictures,  I have been working like crazy with meetings, emails and writing! Which I need to get back to.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia



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