Monday? No probllama

Monday! My favorite day, if I manage to start it right, which I did today! Got up bright and early and headed out in the cold to get to Marie´s circuit training at Studio Levels. So broke that I had to get money from my little money-pig to be able to afford the subway haha, but so worth it! Best way to start the week – girl power all the way!

Been working for a few hours and now it´s time to get some Best of You done during my lunch break, before continue working. And what better way than with a big cup of coffee and some baaaad lama humour. The picture below kinda describes it all!

Ah, what would life be without a little laugh people! 

Have a wonderful start to the week! Make sure to smile a little today (the lama joke might help, hihi)!
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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