There´s a new eskimo in town

It´s Sunday so it´s time for my regular post about this week’s workouts. Problem is; I haven’t been working out ONCE this week. So, if you need fitness inspiration you can unfollow me this instant, hihi! I am hoping to get my ass over to the gym today, but I feel we can skip the whole “my workout week #3”, ok?

Kidding aside, I have been suffered through my lady week and head ache almost every day. Yesterday I was fine again, but having been hiding inside all week, I decided to follow my mom’s advice and get some much-needed fresh air. So, my gym session was switched out with a long walk in the ice-cold winter wonderland instead.

My sense for fashion is breathtaking-haha! 

I love power walks and during spring/summer/autumn I can do it every day. During winter on the other hand, I hate it. I really can’t handle the cold that well. But I just put every thought of trying to look nice aside, dressed as an eskimo and had a wonderful hour outdoors. The sun was even out for once!

So, time to plan the upcoming week and hope it turns out to be a bit more active than this one. But honestly, it has been pretty nice to have a Netflix-marathon for once.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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