My workout week #2

I came across this post on Joanna Swica´s blog and got inspired to do the same! I have decided (yes, typical new year resolution, bear with me) to try to get in four workouts a week. I want to move my body on a regular basis, but can easily get pretty bored. So, this year I want to try new things and get in various types of workout forms to keep my motivation up.

This week’s workouts
Monday: 45 minutes cycling (medium tempo and resistance)
Tuesday: 20 minutes’ cross-trainer + 30 minutes CX Work
Wednesday: 1 hour Power Box
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: 20 minutes’ butt & thigh workout (
Sunday: Hangover from hell so I cancelled my planned walk. Opsi!

This week’s workout buddy
I had two buddies this week. My friend Margit joined me on Tuesday at my gym, where she hopefully will sign up so we can work out together more (Margit if you read this; go for it)! Also met a wonderful girl called Sandra, through Joanna Swica and Louise Johannesson´s Facebook group, who joined me for Power Box on Wednesday. A fun way to get to know someone new!

This week’s best workout
I would have to say the boxing on Wednesday. I love those classes, it´s like therapy, the music is always so motivating and I laugh almost as hard as I work out.

This week’s best workout song
Show me how you Burlesque” – Burlesque movie soundtrack
Don’t judge! Just something with that song that makes me run faster, work out harder and even sing a bit – haha!

This week’s setback
I would say it was when I got home from the gym on Tuesday, took a shower and jumped into bed with a big bag of candy (leftovers from the cinema). Ended up with a stomach pain and no fuel for my poor body. Not sure what I was thinking, but I guess I can´t change all my bad habits in a day.

This week’s highlight
Without doubt when I managed to get up early Monday morning and work out before work. I have always been an early bird, but after a very stressfull and tough time last spring, I have had so much problems getting up early. I can sleep for 10 hours and still be tired, and therefore morning workouts became less frequent. Mornings are my favorite time of the day to work out, so I was very happy when I managed to get out of bed.

Photo cred: Jānis Šaulis / Studio: rebirth fitness 

This week’s reflection
January is the month of broken goals and promises. Like every year, the gym was packed the first week, then more than half were gone the week after. I have been thinking a lot to why I want this, and that by starting small and keep doing what I am doing, in my own pace, the strong body and good health I crave, will follow. I don’t believe in quick fixes, I believe in finding what feels good.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

3 thoughts on “My workout week #2

  1. Heja dig finis (applåder) och jag hoppas du kommer och svettas på ngt av mina pass i veckan (ta gärna med dig någon ny då jag har prova på vecka = 1 passet konstnadsfritt) ❤️

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