Time for change

Oh wow, my last post has really been put to test since I wrote it last Saturday. It´s a bit ironic: I write a post about managing a big workload and suddenly my workload doubles.

Last weekend I got some pretty sad news. My business partner in Best of You sadly, due to personal reasons, had to withdraw as co-owner from Best of You. I am very proud of her for taking a step back, taking care of herself, but at the same time I have been devastated to see her go. We had a very deep and honest conversation and I am so glad we trust each other enough to handle this the way we did. But there´s no hiding the fact that it was a pretty emotional weekend with lots of crying.

Then came Monday and it was time to get back to work, and I realised, not alone.

The last few days have been spent rearranging, getting organized, talking to my team and plan all the fun up ahead. I even managed to get in a few meetings over tons of coffee at Starbucks (who, sorry for saying, are not really good at making coffee). They do on the other hand have a nice work-space by the window!

Yesterday I had the joyful company of Marie, and even though we talk more than we work, it was nice to laugh until my belly hurt and supportively sit next to hear while she was climbing the chair to take a picture for her blog. I really wonder what people think when we do stuff like that, haha! The struggle for us bloggers is real people!

So, even though this new year started with a stumble, I am ready for 2018. And I am so grateful for my wonderful team, my supportive boyfriend, my family and lastly for my dear friend Mo, who has helped me build up such an amazing brand over the last year. I will be forever grateful.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to work on my dream, inspire, motivate and help others, and the people I meet along the way, who all inspire and motivate me, makes it all worth it. My journey is far from over.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

2 thoughts on “Time for change

  1. 2018…nu jäklar alltså!! Ser fram emot nästa jobbstund tillsammans, ser fram emot event/samarbeten, ser fram emot mindfulnesskursen ihop, ser fram emot ALLT tametusan. Du är fantastisk Henriette, på alla sätt och jag är så glad och tacksam att du kommit in i mitt liv ❤

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