Managing a big workload  

There are two days a week I always look really forward to. First off Mondays (yes haters, I love Mondays) and then the Saturdays. The day I can sleep without an alarm, slip into my bathrobe and go into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee, before sitting down for a few hours in silence, working on Best of You.

I have this routine of usually answering emails and do admin stuff during the week, write all my articles on Saturdays and plan my week on Sundays. A little system that works perfectly for me. Many tell me I should take the weekends off, but sitting here writing isn’t work for me, I enjoy it and it gives me great pleasure. And most importantly, it helps me in managing my workload, avoiding too much stress.

I can’t help but love the combo of a blank word document and a hot cup of coffee.

I think the best way to manage a big workload is to find a system and routine that works for you. That is of course way easier when you have your own company, because then you decide when and where, but still; finding a way to work through the pile of things that need to be done without stressing is important to be able to take care of yourself and your health. So, if working in silence on a Saturday morning makes me stress less, then I’ll gladly do it.

 We even had a little work session in Palma. Miss the pretty work space at our hotel.

What about you? Any tips or tricks to stress less and enjoy the work you do?

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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