An honest check in

January is here and the gym is packed with people, me included. Not because I have a set of new year resolutions, I know very well I will stick to them for two or three weeks before giving up, but because I want to stick to my routine of regular workouts.

But seeing all the people at the gym, pushing their body to the limit simply as a punishment for all the Christmas food and candy (at least so it seems for many of them), I realised my intentions are not always so pure either.

The reason why people choose to work out are personal and everyone has a different perspective to why they should hit the gym. And in all honesty, I work out for various reasons: I sleep better, it gives me energy, which again lifts my mood, it feels good (after at least) and it keeps me healthy and well. But then I have the other side to me, that works out because I feel fat.

Many of us hate to work out because we have been taught to do it for the wrong reasons.

Luckily the first, and healthy reasons, usually trump the negative one. I however don’t want to suppress what is true. I have my history, in addition to be living in a society where we are pressured to fit into a stereotypical ideal of what is attractive, and I guess it leaves its marks.

Tights: (sponsored) / Bottle: Yuhme /Kettlebell: Abilica / Mat: Casall 

Nevertheless, when the reason behind my choice to go to the gym is unrealistic or negative, I try to approach it in a more positive way. Trying to think about all the other health benefits from working out, and that I might have gone to the gym for one reason, but I am benefitting from it on so many more levels than just my appearance.

I am beautiful and my body is beautiful. And like the picture on Best of You´s Instagram today says; The only “problem area” of my body is my brain, for assimilating the concept of “problem areas” and taking it seriously, when it is in fact a big pile of unadulterated bullshit.

Why do you work out? Honestly! Do you do it out of love or hate for your body? Do you stress and push it to the limit or are you being gentle and kind towards it? My check in with myself revealed that it is a little bit of both. But guess what, I am not perfect. And that is ok. But the very least I am honest.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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