When things don´t always go as planned

Part of my birthday present for Johan was a little trip to Port de Sóller, a wonderful village situated in one of Mallorca’s most beautiful harbours. There is this old vintage train going from Palma, that stands out for its special, attractive route it runs along. And when in Port de Sóller the plan was to eat lunch at this lovely restaurant I had found, located on a cliff, with this amazing view over the ocean. But turns out things don’t always go as planned.

Port de Sóller

The train turned out to be closed due to maintains (how typical) so we had to take the bus instead. A beautiful trip over the mountains, but we had this very angry bus driver who drove like a maniac, so I got very car sick and was scary close to puke all over Johan (very romantic, haha). And when we arrived to Port de Sóller we searched and searched for the restaurant, but being too hungry to be able do understand Google Maps and too tired to walk up another “hill”, we eventually gave up. We ended up getting a table outdoors, and it being significantly cooler than in Palma, we just sat there, freezing our asses off, not liking the food nor the service. Eventually we found refuge in a cosy café, drinking tons of tea to get warm before heading back to Palma.

Before the cold took us we did some exploring 

Nevertheless, we did some sightseeing before getting cold and hungry and it was a beautiful place. Must be amazing during summer! In addition, we passed Valldemossa, a beautiful village up in the mountain on our way over, so all in all it turned out to be an adventures day after all. Things might not always go as planned, but we still created some fun memories.

A beautiful (and very windy) lookout point we found next to an old church on the top of a hill

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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