Palm trees and ocean breeze

A lot of people have question our choice to travel over Christmas, just the two of us, no tree, no presents, no big buffet and no Christmas carols. But I could not have been happier with beeing just us, exploring a new place, eating outdoors, drinking sangria (yes, I am officially addicted) and enjoying the sight of palm trees and feeling the ocean breeze. I don´t even know where to start, yesterday was magical.

Warning: tons of pictures coming up!

We started the day with a breakfast outdoors. A bit chilly for me, but a hot cup of coffee did the trick and then the sun showed up, right in time for our long day of sightseeing.

Johan and I are not the type of people to go to museums, so I felt very grown up and mature when we went and looked at the Palma Cathedral. We did not enter though, we actually just stood outside for a while, like two pale eskimos, feeling the sun on our faces.

Afterwards we took a long walk along the beach, dreaming us back to summer. I was ridiculously happy!

The rest of the day we walked, walked some more, and walked even a bit more. Went in and out of stores, took a pit stop drinking some Sangria, eating tapas for lunch and did some shopping. It was actually pretty crowded, considering it was Christmas.

When we got home to the hotel around 18:00, we realised we had completely forgotten to book a table for dinner and asked the hotel to do it for us. Turned out everything that wasn’t closed was already fully booked and the hotel restaurant was closed too. We searched for places on TripAdvisor, calling tons of places, all fully booked. After what felt like an eternity and some freak-outs, we managed to get a table at 22:00. Turned out to be a very nice restaurant with great food. Even though we were a bit to tired to function, we had a nice dinner.

On the way home we got to see all the beautiful Christmas lights. They are all over the city, creating this cozy vibe!

Today everything is closed, so we have eaten a late breakfast and are now doing some work (and very important blogging), before heading down to the gym, followed by some spa here at the hotel.

I hope you had an amazing celebration, wherever your were and whatever you did.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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