Merry Christmas from Palma

We are finally here! Have been looking forward to this for weeks now. On vacation, just the two of us. And while lying here in bed, excited about our upcoming week, I am watching the sun fight its way through the clouds. So beautiful.

After getting up in the middle of the night yesterday and two very eventful flights later (seriously, I am amazed how weird people can be) we arrived at our hotel, heading straight out the door again to explore the city. It´s so colourful and beautiful here. Narrow streets, colourful and old buildings, palm trees as far as the eye can see and best of all; dogs everywhere!


We just walked around all day without any plan or timetable, sitting outdoors drinking sangria, eating pastries and celebrating that it has been the two of us for six whole years. I love that man to the moon and back.

The temperature is around 15-16 degrees, and when the sun comes out it is even warmer. But just the fact that we can walk around without freezing to death, and we have actual daylight from eight in the morning to six in the evening, is magical if you ask me. I am in such a good mood!

Look at the blue sky!

Due to some minor problems when we got back to the hotel, we got an upgrade with a bigger room with both a balcony and a bathtub! Which was perfect since we were like two zombies. So we ordered some roomservice, watch an episode of our favorite series in bed, took a bath and feel asleep around nine. LOVE vacation: just do exactly what you want, when you want it.

Now I need to get ready. Found this health café yesterday that I really want to try out for breakfast and having managed to convince Johan I  need to run before he changes his mind, hihi.

Merry Christmas everyone ❤
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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