Last week I was Ulrika´s plus one at Joanna Swica and Louise Johannesson´s winter beauty dinner, hosted in collaboration with Swiss Clinic. I have never been to an event like that before and honestly, I was a bit nervous. I automatically think I don’t belong. But like always, I was dead wrong and had the time of my life.

We were about 30 ladies and when we got there we started off with some bubbles, while mingling and taking pictures. It was nice to meet many of those I follow in social media in “real life”. Funny thing is that you act like you know them, when in reality you have never met – haha! I also found Felicia’s happy face among the ladies, lucky me!

Joanna & Louise in the first picture / Ulrika, Felicia, me and Thowe in the second one

After a while we got led into a beautiful room where we got served a delicious vegan buffet with focus on “skin food” by RåochSå, followed by chocolate, more bubbles and wine (balance is key peeps). The food was so colorful and delicious, so hungry me dug in on everything like my life depended on it.

During the evening, Swiss Clinic introduced us to their skin care products. Their main focus for the evening was their skin roller and dry face mask. We also got the chance to do a skin analysis by Dr K Clinics and got to opportunity to ask questions. Surprisingly I had many! I have never been into skin care (after all I used water and simple nivea cream until one year back), but this truly awoke my interest and I went home with both their cleansing gel and day cream. (If I wasn’t as broke as I am, I would have bought everything).

Haha, loved being in the company of others who “just need to do an Instagram story”. 

In the goodie bag we all got a gift card of 500 SEK  for a treatment and the dry face mask, which is pretty awesome, because it makes your skin as soft as a baby´s butt, but it is completely dry. Magic if you ask me. You can also use it up to three times, so it is not simply a onetime product.

Photo cred: David Tonström

It was such a well-organized and lovely evening, I really enjoyed myself. Felt like a friday among friends! And I got to meet Joanna and Louise, two ladies I have been following for a long time, and they were both so nice! Sometimes I kind of forget that the bloggers and Influencers out there are simply people too, just like me and you. Lovely people who just want to inspire and share ❤

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia


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