Superhero fuel for a busy bee

OMG, busy days’ people! Just a little over a week left until we travel to Palma and before then we have tons of meetings, an event together with Oriflame (so excited about that one) and work to prepare for January and the new year. AND my boyfriend’s birthday is next Wednesday! So while I am running around like a superhero I need some superhero fuel! Perfect timing that I won bars from Supernature in an Instagram competition. Keeping me semi-full until lunch.

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Started my day with a job interview at Mynewsdesk, a digital PR company that publishes and distributes press releases. They need a Norwegian freelancer. Perfect, since that was just what I was looking for. Need to keep paying my bills you know! And now I am sitting at SUP46, just done with meeting number two and getting ready for the third! Felt I needed to take the time out of my busy day to write this very informative and important blog post (hello diversion)!

Tonight, I am going as my dear friend Ulrika´s plus one to an influencers dinner. Honestly pretty sure I will be a bit star struck since I follow most of the girls in social media, haha! Ok, enough talking (writing). Back to work!

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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