A Sunday without filter

After days with little sleep and a not so happy mind I felt I just needed a quiet and easy morning. No Instagram-friendly cup, no perfect set up of my computer, book and blanket and no fresh morning face with a big smile. Today I just need a Sunday without “filter”.

In today’s social media world, it´s so easy to hide behind smiling faces and pretty pictures, portraying a happiness that might not be there at that exact moment. Not that I am unhappy, I am just tired and a bit down, a happiMESS as I like to call it.

Why should we fear sharing the less good moments in our lives?

We tend to push away negative emotions, resisting challenges and apologizing for being negative. When in fact, anger or sadness are an important part of life too. To aknowledge and express a full range of emotions is in fact vital to our mental health. Yet we fear it, push it away.

Let’s face it, the world is made of good and bad and so are our emotions.

Today I miss my family. My mom, my dad, my sisters and nephews in Oslo. My lovely grandmother in Bergen. I miss my two crazy best friends who know me in and out and just by being them makes the world such a better place. I miss the sun and the energy that comes with it. And it affects my mood. And it is ok.

So, I will sit her and read my book and drink my coffee. And when my boyfriend wakes up I will go hug the shit out of him and hopefully the day will turn and get better. But for now, no filter. Just me, as the happimess I am.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia






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