Christmas Calendar

December is here and social media is over-flooded with Christmas Calendars and giveaways. And Best of You does of course also want to spread some Christmas joy, but in a different way. We have created a calendar not like many others, where we want you to embrace the little things.

For each advent, we will post a little encouragement. Something small, with a big impact on your life and others. Something that won’t make you poorer, but definitely make both you and the receiver richer.

To participate you simply head over to Instagram or Facebook, follow our posted encouragement and leave a comment in the comment field during the week, telling us how it went for you and you will automatically be in the drawing of winning the week´s sponsored prize. We will randomly pick someone and send them some love, with the help from some amazing sponsors.

So, every week during December, we and (hopefully) you guys will do something nice for others and ourselves. Happy 1.advent.

Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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