Planning my escape

In a blink of an eye winter arrived in Stockholm with tons of snow. Social media exploded with happy updates about how wonderful it was that our city had turned into winter wonderland. And then you had me, super annoyed, planning my escape to Palma in December.

It’s not that I don’t like the snow, it is super pretty, for like a second. Because if there is one thing I learned about winters in this country, it is that it gets cold, snows a lot and then the next day it gets warmer, it starts melting and then the rain comes. And liked ordered; it will rain today. Haha! Trying to be positive here, but I am no winter person, that’s for sure. Hurts in every bone in my body, and again, seems like I am the only one freezing too.

What a ray of sunshine I am! Sorry, lying in bed with a sore throat and head ache, trying to avoid getting worse. Drinking my green juices and ginger shots though, so hopefully I am back on my feet again tomorrow.

Time to unplug, rest and sleep. Will get back stronger than ever later!
Lots of love from Henriette Sophia

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